Robo advisor company offers insights into how well the UK is preparing for retirement

Robo advisors may be the future of retirement planning according to tech media coverage. True Potential Investor is just one of the many so-called robo advisor companies, offering an online investment service allowing consumers to contribute to their private pension pots, using an app.

Did you know, that on average, people of the UK add £325 to their personal pension pots each month? Findings from True Potential Investor also reveal that a proportion of the UK population across Northern Ireland, London and the North East of England were able to contribute over £5,000 to their pension pots each month, in Q3 2016. Take a look at more research within the graphic below. Continue reading “Robo advisor company offers insights into how well the UK is preparing for retirement” »

Why Is Ethical Hacking A Trending Thing?

While the word hacking may invoke a feeling of terror, thankfully, there are several hackers too who are doing this job ethically, securing you in every possible way. Cyber security is a great concern in the present world, and India is far behind regarding hackers and the number of cyber crimes happening now and then. This has resulted in the necessity of a course program, which will make the individuals ready to protect the essentials and at the same time, diagnose and implement different hacking methodologies. Continue reading “Why Is Ethical Hacking A Trending Thing?” »

The Best UK Cities to Start your Career in Tech

The progressive advancements in technology by the AI/IT/Cloud industry partnership have dramatically boosted the growth of tech companies and jobs across the UK over the past decade, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. While tech firms are looking to hire more and more staff, salary figures have also increased and this has expanded the tech jobs market outside of principal cities like London, which itself offers some of the best paid tech jobs in the world. Almost half of all tech start-ups in the UK reside in London, where the government has invested heavily in 2013-2014. But the cost of living there is still relatively high (which itself can offset salary benefits), and now that the market has expanded there is no reason why job seekers shouldn’t explore other cities, which offer competitive salaries, faster job vacancy growth than London, and better living standards. In short, it is not necessary for them to relocate to London to make a good living in technology. Continue reading “The Best UK Cities to Start your Career in Tech” »