The Most Innovative Tech of 2016

The Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and Computer (ENIAC) was one of the first and most famous consumer computers. Built at the University of Pennsylvania, the ENIAC was designed to do ballistics calculations for the U.S. Military during World War II and cost $500,000. Despite its daring innovation and entry into the personal computer market, the ENIAC weighed 30 tons and required 2,000 square feet of floor space. Continue reading “The Most Innovative Tech of 2016” »

5 Ways Mobile Devices and Computers Support Social Behavior

The Internet, mobile devices, and social media all catch a lot of static when certain types of people say that technology, as opposed to bringing people together, is actually making them drift further apart. Whereas that may be the case statistically or with consideration to certain situations, the opposite can be true as well – technology and mobile technology in particular can bring people together.

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Common Mistakes When Making a Video – And How to Avoid Them

Need a video?  Then why not make your own, right?  How hard can it be?

30 years ago, the ability for people like you and me to make movies was handed to us in the shape of very bulky, very expensive video cameras.  These would typically have to be carted around on the shoulder while the user peered through an eyepiece.  Continue reading “Common Mistakes When Making a Video – And How to Avoid Them” »