Inspiration for Web Designers

If you’re a newly-minted web designer then congratulations, you’re one of millions upon millions all around the world, some of which web “designers” are online Content Management System (CMS) platforms like WordPress and What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) platforms like Wix! So I guess what I’m trying to say is that the competition is stiff, but don’t let that put you off because you can draw inspiration from many places to carve out a successful and profitable web design career for yourself. Continue reading “Inspiration for Web Designers” »

4 Ways the Internet is Changing How We Make Money

It used to be that to succeed financially, you had to get a good job at a large company and stick with it throughout your whole life. Today, because of the internet, the way that people earn income has changed and will continue to change. If you’re interested changing the way you do business and getting global customers to buy your products and services, then it’s important to understand the 4 ways the Internet is changing how we make money. Continue reading “4 Ways the Internet is Changing How We Make Money” »

Online Sales Success Is All About Mastering SEO

One of the most difficult ways through which to make money online is what is perhaps the only way to make money online, which is to sell something, whether it’s a product or service. You may be thinking that there are actually a whole lot more ways to generate money online, but if you drill right down to each of those ways’ simplest elements, you’ll realise that it all ultimately comes down to sales. Continue reading “Online Sales Success Is All About Mastering SEO” »

Ethical Food For Thought for Web Developers

Image by Serge Kij via Flickr

Behind the coding and plugins that can be used in WordPress development lies a number of ethically questionable activities which developers can employ innocently, or maliciously to achieve certain outcomes or goals of the website. The topic of development ethics is still a relatively fuzzy domain, but these issues are constantly addressed and discussed at seminars held by WordPress themselves. Many of the issues they discuss don’t seem immediately obvious to developers, but upon closer inspection it becomes pretty easy to see why certain practices can seem a little dodgy to anyone using the site in question. So for the fair and transparent use of the web for everybody, let’s discuss a few of the ethical issues concerning WordPress development.

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How to Find the Right Website Theme for Your Restaurant Business

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Finding the right WordPress theme for your restaurant is not as easy as picking one that looks pretty. As a business owner in the food and hospitality industry, you know that a quality dish is more than presentation; ingredients, best practices (food safety), process, experience, and providing a customer what they would like at the right time mean everything.

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