10 ways an IT support service can help you during an office move

As your business grows, it’s likely that at some point you’ll need to start thinking about a change of venue. This can be an exciting change, and one that reflects how far your business has come, but an office move can also be challenging.

Relocating an office rarely comes without its share of stress and chaos. It would be a big deal to pack and move so many things. Many businesses, in instances like this, employ reputable movers similar to Mulgrave removalists to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

And one of the biggest challenges businesses face when moving office is dismantling and setting up their tech in their new location. An IT support service can be a real help through this tricky period.

Syntax IT Support London offers a range of high quality services to help you get through an office move – letting you relocate your IT infrastructure as swiftly and simply as possible. They tackle any issues with business-centred solutions and a risk-free approach.

Read on to see some of the great services that you should expect from the best IT providers in the business.

Project management

Syntax provides unrivalled project management for all your IT needs, including a change in location. Anything you’re unsure of or require help with, a solid IT provider will take the reins to ensure you’re not left in the dark about your IT systems.

IT and telephone systems relocation or provision

In addition to helping you understand your infotech infrastructure, an it support specialist can also help you determine what tech is most suitable for your business. During a move, they should work hard to relocate both your IT and telephone systems as swiftly as possible, getting you up and running again in no time.

Specialist transportation

Part of helping you get your IT fitted and running in a new location is transporting it from one place to another safely. Your IT support team will use specialist transportation to ensure a quick and safe move for your tech.

Internet/VPN connectivity

One of the most important aspects of getting your tech set up in a new place is making sure you’re connected so that business can continue as usual. Providers like Syntax can help you make this a reality in no time, as they offer help setting up both internet connections and a virtual private network connection within your own business.

Server consolidation/virtualisation

Server consolidation helps guide your business to an efficient use of computer server resources. This reduces the total number of servers and server locations that your business needs. Syntax will help guide you through this process at your new location, making your business run as efficiently as possible.

Infrastructure optimisation

An optimized infrastructure is great for businesses and is something that can be achieved with the help of a good Doncaster IT support company (if that is where you are based). Infrastructure optimization helps build an effective and secure IT infrastructure in a logical sequence. With each level of optimization, your business’s security is increased, your costs are reduced and your manageability is improved. Win-win.

Data cabling

If your mind gets boggled by a bundle of wires, then the idea of obtaining and setting up these wires in your new location probably fills you with dread. Well, don’t worry, because your provider will be there to help you with all your data cabling needs. From Networking Media to Ethernet Cables, companies like Syntax will make sure you’re all wired up and ready to go as soon as possible.

Online data backup and recovery

Your worst nightmare during an office move is finding out that the change is location has resulted in a loss of precious files and data, whether this is through network issues or damage to your tech. But a competent IT provider can help you make sure all of our files are backed up online by finding a data storage system that suits you and your business, making any losses easy to recover.

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