The closed system: How Apple doesn’t want 13 year old customers

Using the touchscreens, children find it easy to open game apps and control them using swiping and prodding controls. But some titles, though free to download, often ask for additional payments to buy added features within the games, often at the touch of a button.

The Californian company has come under fire after many customers complained they had received bills for hundreds or even thousands of pounds because of their children inadvertently making purchases.

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Dating online – How I am addicted to Tinder!

Welcome to Tinder: the free app for iPhone and Android that launched in the UK last month; a virtual world of speed-dating more addictive than crack cocaine. Ostensibly Tinder is an instantaneous matchmaking service that links to your Facebook account and aims to increase the ease and speed of internet dating. No more texts, e-mails and trawling your diaries for spare time, potentially you could be sitting in a bar or a restaurant within minutes of finding someone attractive — provided they’re also using the app, and provided they “accept” your attraction too. A few slots of basic information and four carefully chosen photos are all you need to get going. The app registers your current location, asks who you’d like to meet (male or female, distance, age) then begins to flash up random photos of potential matches like cherries on a slot machine. It even registers mutual friends so you get that friendly set-up feel and at least a first line of conversation.

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