Getting the best R4 gaming cards online

I really like a good game after I come home from work. That is what really unwinds me. And I have been a buff of games for quite a long time now and cannot imagine even a single day without getting to play. It is my drug and I really like to spend some quality time with myself and my console.

The only time I really hate it all is when my console goes on a leave. I really don’t like to know that my console has taken a sabbatical which is why I go to all lengths to ensure that I get only the best of cards and relevant products and accessories for my gaming console. I found this amazing site from the internet and the kind of cards they were selling – all were up my specification sleeve and now I know for sure where I should turn to when I am on a gaming upgrading mood.

Now, here I got these amazing cards which I want to share with you. Not all of them mind you (my console is waiting as I write this). Let us see:

R4 3DS – The R4 3DS card is all about the age old console and is readily my favorite of all times. I like being upgraded I mean it but it is the custom old cards that make my task simpler and easy and I like to stick to them as much as I can.

R4i SDHC – One of the top favorites of gamers is the R4i SDHC and is undoubtedly going to remain so. The R4 cards SDHC are meant for easy upgrading for games and higher features and are used for multimedia storage capacity also.

R4i Gold – R4i Gold has been yet on the blocks for its variety of purposes and how it can be used with different consoles also. The kernel OS for it is very specific and so you can have a great time using the R4i Gold card.

These are to mention some of the cards. Most of the cards are compatible to only specific gaming Consoles and Nintendo and need to be upgraded likewise. Some games are released in the market on higher operating system versions and so it becomes imperative that you too undergo upgrading and make sure that those games work for you.










Make sure you refer to the online portals like once in a while to see what is new and what are the latest releases and upgrades that you should go for. In a way you get a fine collection of games.

Author Bio:

Chris stays in California and is a gaming specialist. As a career beginner, he started his life designing gaming consoles and being part of the programming team for games. Now that he has retired early and decided to go on a more commercial level, he tutors and gives guest lectures for young game designers and programmers as a start up to their careers. Chris in his favorite pastime reads gaming magazines!


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Amazing Travel Apps of 2013

With new apps entering the market on a daily basis, struggling to compete with a few thousands other apps for your attention, certain apps can be referred to as essentials for any one that intends to travel, especially when the destination is a foreign country. Some of the best travel apps in 2013 will include the following:

Maps be it Google or Apple

A map app will prove crucial to a first time visitor to any destination, the phone, loaded with an appropriate SIM card, providing you the necessary directions to where you need to go as well as arming you with information regarding public transport where possible. Even with problems of coverage its possible to load the directions into your phone beforehand, allowing the system to cache the map for later use.

Sky scanner

This app is particularly useful for budget strapped travellers looking for cheap flights to any part of the world; it can also prove to be an eye opening app about the parts of the world you have never been to or never considered visiting.

Tripit- Tripit

It is an organizational tool that tracks your travel plans, providing you with booking information and updates where necessary.


This app is perfect for those unable to afford unlimited data plans, allowing you to link to a cloud system that compresses the data you consume from apps and internet usage.

And who doesn’t understand how powerful a tool like Skype is, allowing you to connect with your friends, even without access to data, making for easy organization of activities among a group of people in separate geographical locations.

Wi-Fi finder

This is just like it sounds, an app that allows you to locate Wi-Fi in a given area, as well as informing whether or not it is free; this app is lifesaving to those unable to exist separate from internet access for long periods of time.

Hostel world

This is perfect for those that want to make bookings for accommodations on short notice, providing a list of thousands of hostels around the world, making it that much easier to locate shelter in a foreign land.

Urban spoon

This is a great app for foodies, an app that takes data from a given location and locates the best eateries closest to your location, taking parameters such as budget and the type of food into consideration.

XE currency

This app is great for visitors unfamiliar with a given currency, providing accurate exchange rates and thus allowing visitors to know exactly how much they are spending in their local currency.

And then of course you have word lens which allows you to take a picture of a sign or symbol in a foreign language, which it will then translate for you. All in all there is no underestimating the value of apps in transforming lives and making travel that much easier.

Author Bio

Laura Benson is a content writer and her interests are Travel. She is a professional blogger from London and has written many articles in Travel categories. So far, as of now she is doing research on Easy jet phone number

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What Concerns Users About Cloud Computing?

Ever since cloud computing has come to mainstream and is being recognized as complete solution for data storage and backups but there have been some or the other concern related to its reliability.

With cloud server now being used for web hosting services, disaster recovery and data storage there is too much dependency on the cloud and some users are skeptical about how secure and trustworthy a cloud based solution is.


There are all sorts of concerns that many users have but amongst those some are common to all as well as quite logical. A major concern being that of Security as the data is not under the control of the user and is in the hands of the provider. However, this is not something to worry about as the cloud service provider so take appropriate measure to protect client data.

Once in a while there are reports of cloud outage which has affected a big provider like AWS or there are disruptions in the Google services. But there are mostly small technical glitches which are often addressed swiftly by the providers. And at times there are disasters which is something that cannot be prepared for or avoided but there are various steps which can be taken to minimize its impact and get back up quickly.

Despite such issues which are often resolved shortly there are more and more users which are moving to the cloud and many more planning to make the shift. The cloud is truly a must have solution for businesses and to be able to extract maximum benefit out of it you need to be able to find the best suited solution.

In order to find the perfect cloud solution which supports your business you need to assess your business needs first. What is it that you wish to achieve from a cloud solution? What kind of processes do you want to move over to the cloud? Based on these questions you could decide on the kind of solution that your business needs.

Furthermore, you should see to it that the provider you have shortlisted is a reliable one and has quality infrastructure. Having a look at their uptime would give you a good idea about it. With that you should also check what kind of protection is used by the provider. Firewalls, encryptions and backups are also a must have.

There are the basic concerns a user has related to a cloud service and you should carefully determine if a cloud service provider meets these criterion and then subscribe.

About the author:

Eric’s field of interest includes dabbling with Social Media and technology especially Web Hosting & Cloud Computing. He looks after content and Social Media for You can get in touch with him on Twitter: @ericbrown078 & Google+.


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The New Look to a Traditional Game

Everyone knows that the old games are the best and that’s exactly why bingo has proved to be such an online hit. With over 100 million players online, bingo is definitely on the increase rather than heading into decline, which looked might be the case a decade or two ago when everyone switched from playing games at the bingo hall to buying lottery tickets instead.

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Which 2013 Tablet is the Best for Gaming?

Many gamers today prefer tablets over other kinds of devices for their gaming needs. There are many reasons for this. One of these is the size of the device. They are smaller than a laptop which makes them easier to transport as well as bring out to game while on the go. Gamers also find that tablet are much easier to hold in their hands with more room to spread their fingers out to use control buttons. While there are many tablets on the market today, not all of them are best configured for gaming. One of the best tablets for gaming is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

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How to Change Your Android Boot Animation

Booting your Android device may become more fun and entertaining when you know you can animate the process. It is now easy to create your own Android boot animation with the different available ways of doing it. If you want to bring out something new on your Android device booting process, adding some animation to it is something that you can do on your own. Here are some steps on how to change the Android boot animation on your device.

Using Android Boot Animation Apps



The quickest way of changing your own Android boot animation is to use the custom apps available for this purpose. The Google Play offers applications of this kind that you can easily download on your Android device on Just to highlight some of the best Android boot animation apps, here are the top 5 apps that you may find very interesting to download on your Android phone for a quick change of your device’s boot animation effects:

  1. 1.      Boot Animations

This is a boot animation manager for Android devices that offers more than 300 custom animation effects. It comes with a preview option and can convert animated GIFs as animated boot effect.

  1. 2.      Boot Animation Changer

This application requires you to have a rooted phone and a BusyBox to enjoy its great features. There are many different boot animations accessible directly from the app.

  1. 3.      Beauty Boot Animation Assist

The app can modify and replace the boot animation provided by the device’s software with a professional security system. It supports both the switch animation replacement and backup and also supports SD storage for your animation.

  1. 4.      Boot Animation Downloader

This provides a standalone boot animation downloader where you can find about 50 different boot animation designs to download directly on your device for a quick change of your phone’s boot animation effect.

  1. 5.      Boot Box

There are several dynamically beautiful boot animations that are available for your selection. It supports a community of mobile app developers who can share their own boot animation designs and effects. You can play different boot animation each time you boot your phone.  

Manually changing your Android Boot Animation


The Rooting Process

You need to have your device rooted before you can start tweaking on your device’s file manager. To do this you need to do the following steps:

  1. Download Unlock Root Tool on your computer.
  2. Install the app to your computer and follow the setup instructions.
  3. The application menu will be found on your desktop.
  4. Connect your Android device using the data cable to begin the rooting process.
  5. Run the software to your device by selecting the button called root.
  6. Search from the available options to find your specific device and then start the rooting process.
  7. This may take a while so be patient until the process is finished.
  8. When the process is done, you can disconnect the device from the computer and then restart your Android phone and you will find the changes.

Step 1.

The next step is to use an application where you can download the custom boot animation that you want to use for your phone. In this case the Root Browser app will be used. After selecting the specific boot animation that you like, download its associated file.

Step 2.

From the file manager or in this case the Root Browser app, find the original boot animation file in /system/media. Press the file to rename and change it to bootanimation.zip1.

Step 3.

Find the custom boot animation that you want to use and then copy its zip file to the /system/media. Long press the option and select permission.

Step 4.

Check the sections owner, group and others under the read column boxes and only check the owner section under the write box. Make sure to rename the file into for the program to recognize our boot animation.


Step 5.

Two zip files will now become available, the first or original bootanimation.zip1 file and the new file

Step 6.

Reboot your device and you can start viewing your new custom boot animation.

Manually changing your Android boot animation using the file manager and using an application will both require that your phone should be rooted. But doing so will void the warranty of your phone so you may want to take this consideration in exchange of enjoying more customization on your device’s functionality by rooting.




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