Clear audio? Create a sound that speaks volumes!

Sound is one of the five senses we can rely on to judge our environment, so we can make a decision about how we should interact with it. Inaudible or muted sounds can spoil our enjoyment of these sensations, particularly if we are watching media or audio in the form of TV programmes, films or concerts.

Audiophiles will know all too well the importance of choosing the right products for their audio and Hi-Fi systems. This means researching and selecting the right audio cables to create the right sound – one that goes beyond an audio track and instead becomes an integral part of the listening experience.

Audio experts are used to trying out different products. High end audio cables are different than average audio cables and the reasons for this are varied but are thought to be caused by the effects of cable materials used during its construction, the types of connectors used and ultimately, its immunity to any external noise.

High-end audio cables can make a difference to the overall sound impact of a Hi-Fi system. Meanwhile, by using the right AC power cables, interconnects and speaker cables can make a vast difference to its sound quality

The difference between Hi-Fi sound and room acoustics

Hi-Fi refers to high fidelity and is used to reference high quality reproduction of sound. It can be achieved through modern hi-fi equipment such as a digital audio tape or digital audio broadcasting. Nowadays, computer hard drives can also hold music in the form of an audio file format.

Room acoustics however, refers to how sound acts within an enclosed space. Sounds can be manipulated and distorted to make certain notes appear louder than others. For example, wherever a speaker is reflected in a mirror, that point of reflection is absorptive. Absorptive material will need to be used on either side of the speaker locations for reflective control.

Hi-Fi sound can be readily recreated by using a range of audio power cables and a good speaker system. Understanding which one is right for your audio system can be difficult, if you don’t have the time or the energy to trial various different cables. Consulting with an audio expert can help. A trained audio expert can match all the components in the system to create the perfect sound.

An audio cable company has a range of audio experts who can be contacted any time from their website. Their job is to make your audio sound crystal clear, so you can enjoy the rich sounds of your music and movie media, without being interrupted by low-quality, tinny or distorted sounds.

By choosing the right audio cables, interconnects and components for your sound system, as well as the correct stereo, you can find the perfect music system to suit you.

Overall, this results in a more enjoyable experience for the listener, who can then completely immerse themselves in their own world of personal audio, without any risk of distractions.

Author bio:

Jenson Adams is a Scotland-based sound engineer aficionado with a particular interest in audio equipment. He frequently pens articles and blogs for both online and offline publications, using websites such as for research.

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The Best VPN Services

Security when it comes to the internet is something that you should be very concerned about in order to protect your business in the best way possible. If you do not have a secure network, you run the risk of many problems that could cause you headaches in the future. Do not subject yourself to having to take on this issues simple because you have the wrong technology in place, that would be a mistake. Reading vpn reviews would allow you to begin making a decision about technology that could help to enhance your security in order to allow you to avoid problems such as this in the future. A vpn review is probably one of the most useful tools that you can turn to because many of them have been written by people in your position. As business owners, they did not know the value of increased security with their networking solutions.


However, they came to find that changing this aspect of their operation allowed them to stop worrying and begin focusing on being more productive during the course of a day. Networking is the only way that you would be able to have easy access to the internet in a way that is effective and useful of the setup that you currently have in place. However, you may not have selected the right networking technology that would be ideal for your business. The value of a vpn service review would be insight for experienced people within the field that can help you focus on what to look for.

Once you have an idea of important factors that you should take the time to put into your consideration, it would be much easier to settle on something that you are likely to be very happy with. Additionally, using this information to navigate the water would avoid many of the hassles that could mean having to switch to another vpn service in the future. One factor that you need to think about would be the support from different operating systems that is currently offered.

Even if the service currently supports the system that you use at the moment, you may want to select something that offers a bit more flexibility in terms of the options that you have for operating systems in the world today. You never know when you would have to use the technology with a different operating system in the future, you need to factor this into your decision in order to ensure that you would not have to worry about a transition because of this. While you may not have experience using all of the different solutions that are on the market, vpn service reviews would give you insight when it comes to the operating system that you have and those that are going to work with additional systems you may use in the upcoming future. The best vpn 2014 would offer you a guide to the solutions that have a lot to offer your business.

Even if you use a Mac today, you may have to use a Windows platform in the future. When this happens, you do not want to go through the experience of having to migrate the technology and find out that it is more difficult than you had assumed at first. As such, it would be a better idea to take a long term approach and this about the bigger picture. Paying for a vpn service that supports a variety of os solutions would be the best thing you could do with a vpn reviews.


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Benefits of Moving Your Help Desk to a Cloud-Based Service

Cloud help desk software is quickly growing in popularity throughout a multitude of industries. This is largely attributed to the fact that the cloud negates demand for an on-site server, offers room for convenient upgrades and is easy to scale – not to mention that it affords a high degree of customer service and increased efficiency. But before you go off and make the switch, understand that certain software applications are better for cloud migration. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of moving your help desk to a cloud-based service.


A Setup of Savings

Cloud-based help desk software allows you to save money and time. It’s possible to get an entire company up and running on a fully functioning cloud service that is equipped with nearly all the features of an in-house setup. Why hassle with purchasing, installing and maintaining a dedicated, physical server when you don’t have to? Sure, if you move to the cloud there may be some “sunken costs” stemming from your no-longer-relevant, previous in-house service desk. However, switching to the cloud costs far less to run than a physical server, which can free up budgetary demands for your company in the future.


Peace-of-Mind Management

Once you start a cloud-based help desk service, you enter into a partnership between you and your vendor. A plus to this new partnership is that all of the software management is handled remotely, including regular backups to guarantee the safety and security of your company’s data. How’s that for efficiency?! But just remember, the software management may be automatic, but monitoring the performance after the shift to the cloud is still key to the overall success of your service desk.


Take Your Help Desk On-the-Go

A help desk cloud-based service can offer you and your company instant, on-the-go access. While you’re out and about, you now have the freedom and flexibility to respond to client inquiries and user issues from virtually anywhere on virtually any device – like your smartphone, tablet or laptop. With the cloud, being out of the office doesn’t have to mean being away from work.


Up-to-Date Help Desk Software Versions

Moving your help desk to the cloud gives you greater peace of mind and ensures that any problems you report are handled instantaneously. Better yet, the cloud helps to minimize most of your “problems” because your help desk software is frequently updated to provide your company with enhanced usability and your customers with more efficient and effective resolutions.


This post was provided by IssueTrak, a software company that can help your help desk make the switch to the cloud.  Learn more about IssueTrak’s help desk software here.  

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The future of Mobiles

Imagine life without a mobile phone. Imagine not having instant access to all the information on the Internet, communicating with your ‘friends’ on social media platforms or by email, or having to actually do something other than work on your way home on the daily commute. Mobiles have transformed the way we live our lives, and they’ve managed to do it in less than a generation. Just 35 years ago mobiles were anything but – huge ‘bricks’ that had the battery life of a mayfly and the range of a short-sighted hamster.


Today, we have touch screens, 4G, inbuilt cameras and an entire record collection’s worth of tunes in one, tiny device. The technological advances of mobiles has have been quite literally, extraordinary. But what of its future? Will we grow as bored with mobiles as quickly as we have embraced them, and what’s holding mobiles back from their next evolutionary leap forward?


Screen technology


One of the biggest failings of mobiles to date is their continued reliance on one particularly outdated technology – glass screens. Despite the size of our mobiles shrinking to the point where it’s all too easy to lose the wretched things, the glass screens have made these phones and devices heavier and more fragile. Glass screens crack and break too easily and they weigh more than the rest of the phone put together.


So the primary focus for developers isn’t on cramming in more apps – it’s sorting that pesky screen problem out. And hope is on the horizon, with flexible plastic screen technology. It’s pretty clear that plastic screens have two immediate advantages over glass – it’s far more robust and it’s a lot lighter. Flexible screen technology could revolutionise mobiles, and it’s the one single development that is set to transform how manufacturers design and produce their phones.


Currently, the frame rates of flexible plastic displays aren’t yet fast enough to be used for devices like iPhones, and the colour palette is still quite muted. But companies such as Plastic Logic, who are at the leading edge of flexible display technology research, are working on these issues now. “Plastic Logic’s development of a colour flexible plastic display is particularly significant, since the same process could enable shatterproof flexible display solutions with other media such as LCD and OLED,” commented CEO Indro Mukerjee recently.


Turning the case into a second screen


We’ve already got phones with two cameras, so how about cases with two screens? Once again, it’s Plastic Logic that are incorporating their flexible screen technology into case design, in partnership with PopSLATE. The clever design produces an interactive cover that produces an integrated secondary electrophoretic display (EPD), creating a customisable screen that can support apps, and is extremely user-friendly.




Technically, current mobile phones are ‘carry-ons’ rather than wearables. But in 2014 the big news is all about wearable technology – including smartwatches that have similar functions to a smartphone, but you wear them like a watch. This is perhaps a question of semantics and is fundamentally a smartphone in a different case with a strap on it, but what it does do is once again incorporate flexible screen technology to make it light enough to wear. Can you imagine wearing a smartwatch with a glass screen? Exceptional processing power in the form of quad and octo-core processing means that even more functionality can be crammed into smaller wearable mobiles.


Apart from other general concerns such as security, the primary game-changer in mobiles will be, without doubt, flexible technology. It’s the driving force behind the majority of innovation currently taking place in the mobile industry, and will dictate what form our future mobiles take – whether they’re still that familiar oblong shaped, glass screen contraption, or if they take a radically new direction. We predict it’ll be the latter.


About the author

Charlotte blogs about gadgets and technology, covering everything from the latest mobile advancements to display technology. When she’s not online Charlotte enjoys swimming, cycling and travelling the world.

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The Benefits of Convertii

Convertti is a new, hassle-free online service that enables you to convert PDF files into MS Word documents quickly and easily. Besides the simplicity of the service, the best thing about Convertii is that it is absolutely FREE – no catches!

How to Use Convertii

Using Convertti really is incredibly easy. All you need to do is upload your PDF file or drag it to the designated area on the Convertii website (which is impossible to miss), provide the email address you want the Word document link to be forwarded to, and click the “convert” button. Once the document has been converted from PDF to MS Word, Convertii will send a link to your email address which you can then use to access and download the document.

How Cheap Is Convertii?

It’s unbelievably cheap, because the service is completely free, even without registering. You can use Convertii three times without registering; after that, you do need to register, but the service still remains totally free. After registering, you can continue to use Convertii to convert documents three times a month without paying a penny.

You only need to pay to use the service if you choose to upload more than three documents per month; in that case, you can choose to register for either the basic package (up to 30 conversions) or the unlimited package (does exactly what it says on the tin), which are still incredibly cheap at $4 and $8 per month respectively. Even better, Convertii offers a generous discount on both packages if you pay upfront for the year!

Linking To Your Dropbox Account

Convertii honestly couldn’t make converting your documents any simpler. If you link your Convertii account to your Dropbox account, you can drop your PDF documents into the special PDF2Word Dropbox folder (in your “Apps” folder) and, once converted to MS Word documents, Convertii will drop them back into the folder.

Linking Convertii to your Dropbox account means it is literally a 2-click process to get your PDFs converted quickly and easily.

Why Choose Covertii?

Firstly, because it’s a free service, so you’re losing absolutely nothing by giving it a go. You can’t ask fairer than that!

Secondly, because of the sheer speed in which Convertii can convert the PDFs into MS Word documents. Convertii boasts a conversion speed of 30 seconds for most documents, which is unbelievably quick for this type of service. (It can take longer if the documents are fairly long or scanned, understandably.)

Thirdly, you should choose Convertii because of the accuracy of the documents it produces. With a lot of conversion services, transferring the information in the PDF document to a Word document has proven tricky, and a lot of these conversion services provide converted Word documents that contain many mistakes. You don’t have to worry about this with Convertii, as it prides itself on producing accurate, high quality MS Word documents. Give it a try and see the results for yourself.

Finally, Convertii is able to convert images to Word documents too. Images in Jpeg, Png, and Tiff formats can be converted just as quickly and easily as PDFs!

Using the Convertii Website

Convertii’s website is so easy to navigate around. The area in which the PDF document can be uploaded is the first thing you’ll see on the site, and that in itself is amazingly straightforward.

There is a detailed, thorough FAQ section that covers most – if not all – aspects of using Convertii and, if you still have questions, they are “happy to help” all users.

Final Thoughts on Convertii

You’ll never really know how great this service is until you try it, but if you’re looking for an efficient, reliable service that produces high quality documents, Convertii is definitely for you. Being a free service, it’s undoubtedly worth giving it a try today.

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