Computer Blunders: Schoolboy Errors You’re Probably Guilty Of Making

These days it’s not uncommon to find people using computers at home and for work purposes. After all; these clever gadgets help us to be more productive in our lives. We also use them for leisure purposes – i.e. playing games!

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Gaming is changing – and so are the gamers

Today, we have a new definition for the gamer. It’s no longer possible to say that they’re male or female, young or old because the gamer can be every man, every woman and every kid. Thanks to having almost constant access to the internet – on a computer, tablet or mobile phone – we can all play games whenever we want, and we do.

A few years ago it was a different story. There were only certain groups of people who played video games – and they were often either under the age of 18 or men who fitted a certain stereotype – a loner, happier to be absorbed in his console or pc gaming than taking part in real life.

But thanks to the rise of the smartphone, now everywhere you go, you see people playing. They could be waiting for their kids while they have a swimming lesson, sitting in the doctor’s waiting room or waiting for a friend in the bar. People love to play, and now that they can anywhere, anytime, they do.

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Gadgets At The Cutting Edge

Just ten years ago so many gadgets and tech advances were beyond our reach. Lots of the things you see in everyday use now were just a distant hope. Further back in the past, it would have been practically inconceivable that everyone would have a phone. Let alone the fact that every phone can access the internet, take pictures and function as an advanced calculator.

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How To Stay Secure Online

There are more and more scare stories of online security threats. The news has been awash with online hacks lately. This year we have seen celebrities being hacked and had their personal photos leaked. Closer to home, internet banking fraud is a very real threat. On a much small level, we have all come across strange email attachments. Many of us will have experienced a hacked Twitter account and tweeted spam without realising.

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Awesome Tips Every Designer Should Know

Graphic designers have to have many great qualities if they want to succeed in the field. Many people try to become a graphic designer, but never make a name for themselves. If you want to make a career, rather than a mere job, in the industry, it will take hard work. Succeeding is a subjective notion. If you fulfill all your goals, you are a success. It doesn’t matter what anybody else says or what they think. Here are some awesome tips that every designer should know.

Read new design magazines

You need to make sure that you keep up with the latest industry trends. You likely have an individual style of design, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pay attention to other people. You need to know what industry leaders are doing so that you can compete with them. Subscribe to a design publication and see whether you can pick up some handy tips and hints. Researching your field is the best way to stay ahead of the game.

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Attract More Local Business with Phone and Internet Technology

Attracting local business is important to many firms. Unless you’re based online, you’re likely to be trying to get local customers interested in your business. There are “traditional” advertising methods that work well for targeting local areas. But you can also use modern technology to reach people within a certain geographical location. Marketing methods such as print advertising can be effective for local businesses. But it’s also very useful to think about telecommunications and online advertising too. Through the use of techniques such as landline to mobile technology and local SEO, businesses can use technology to bring in customers in their local area. Continue reading “Attract More Local Business with Phone and Internet Technology” »

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