3 Technological Milestones In The Evolution Of UK Online Gambling

Gambling has always been big business in the UK. Ever since WW2 when people had to meet in secret to have a flutter, the population has been keen to take risks with their money for the chance of reaping significant rewards. Over the last few years, UK casinos have taken a big hit due to online gambling. To help educate you about the evolution of that, we’ve included a number of major milestones below. Just don’t forget to take a look at the infographic!

  1. William Hill pioneered online gambling in the UK with the release of their betting facility “Sportsbook” in 1998. Many other major chains were to follow suit in the following years. However, William Hill is credited as being the company that started it all.
  2. Better computer systems that came out in 2000 made online gambling much more reliable. Before that, it was possible for people to lose out due to their computer being too slow or even crashing at crucial moments.
  3. Smartphone applications for online gambling have been available since the early 2000s. That has made gambling even easier and more convenient for anyone who wants to take part. At the current time, 372,000 people use online betting apps in the UK.

You now know about some of the technological milestones that have contributed towards the rise of online gambling in the UK. We hope you have a better understanding of how this craze came about from the information you’ve just read. Whether or not you agree with gambling simply doesn’t matter. It is legal in the UK, and people are free to spend their money in any way they see fit.

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Useful Tips To Play Bingo Online

It is not a big task to play bingo online free today. With so many upcoming sites in the market offering free games and offers, one gets many options without making much effort. However, some players have started taking the game for granted just because its free. They believe that as long as it is free to play, why to follow tips. But those players who are looking out for winning jackpots, cash prizes and bonus deals should implement a strategy and listen to the tips carefully. Applying result-proven tips can help you to get better with every game. So, let’s find out some of the most beneficial tips to play bingo online that will surely help you in a long run.

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Check Out These Awesome Everyday Items Made With A CNC Router!

You might not think it, but many of the items around you will doubtless have got created with a CNC router! In case you wondered, CNC routers are devices that can precision-cut anything from wood to metal.

The operators of those machines use a computer to tell them what to cut and where. The machine then does the rest! At this point, you might be thinking to yourself that CNC routers don’t really create anything interesting.

Today’s blog post serves as proof that the opposite is, in fact, true! Check out these incredible creations designed and built with the help of a trusty CNC router:


Image Source

  1. Artistic Wood Bedside Cabinet


Image Source


Bedside cabinets are essential furniture items you will find in almost everyone’s homes. They provide convenient storage next to your bed; perfect for storing your favorite books. And they are also useful places to put your mobile phone, glass of water and bedside lamp too!

But have you ever noticed that most bedside cabinets look similar in appearance? Well, the one pictured above offers a welcome alternative to the norm! If you want to keep your bedtime reading material “safe” you can store it in this cabinet.

With such a high level of detail, it’s likely milling firms like Trade CNC will have created this attractive work of art. It’s by no means something you could easily accomplish in your garage, regardless of your DIY skill level!

  1. Computer Workstation


Image Source

The tilt and swivel computer workstation solutions you can buy these days are made from metal and plastic. But what if you’d like a more natural solution? This LCD, keyboard and mouse workstation is made from wood.

It’s an excellent example of how you can create one-off items that are both functional and unique. I imagine the one shown in the photo above was created by a woodworker. Or perhaps someone with a love of using natural rather than man-made materials.

  1. Beer Holder


Image Source

Use a tray, and there’s a high chance your beer bottles will fall onto the floor and smash into a million pieces. But use a beer holder made of wood, and they’ll remain safe and sound!

  1. Knife Block


Image Source

One thing I can guarantee you will find in any kitchen is a knife block. When cooking meals at home, we need various-sized knives to chop up our ingredients ready for cooking. The sad truth about knife blocks is that they look pretty boring and anonymous.

But you can change that by getting a knife block that has a brilliant design like the one shown in the picture above!

  1. Greyhound


Image Source

Yes, it’s even possible to create a dog using a CNC router! Of course, this greyhound was made out of wood. Did you think CNC machines were some kind of magical devices that could create life? Silly you!

I must admit; I’m not a huge fan of things like dog statues and such. But I make an exception for this greyhound. It’s an attractive design and looks different to anything else you could buy that resembled a dog!


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The Robot Revolution: Six Jobs That Will Soon Be Replaced By Machines

Sci fi films have always pointed to a robot revolution. There will soon come a time where humans are entirely replaced in industry by machines. The safest jobs are the highly skilled, intelligence based careers. But, even now robots are being developed with artificial intelligence. There is an unpredictable future ahead when it comes to machines. Many industries are now occupied by robots. In the following six industries, robots are already displacing human jobs. Let’s take a look.


image source

  1. Driving

We’ve heard talk about self-driving cars for years and years. Finally, the technology is advanced far enough. Not only that, but laws are slowly being relaxed to allow self-driving vehicles. Many trains, subways and underground trains are now driverless. These are the first transport jobs to be cut, but there will be more. When taxis, busses and (dare we say it) planes go driverless, there will be huge cuts.

  1. Sewing

Sewing machines have existed for decades to assist clothes makers. However, the technology exists now to make clothes and fabrics without the human touch. This might not affect many businesses in the western world any more. However, it will have a devastating impact on the developing world where this industry is relied upon.

  1. Data entry and telemarketing

Already these menial tasks are being assigned to robots and machines. Many companies are now investing in complex data entry software that removes the need for human input. Of course, checks and monitoring will always be needed. Telemarketing is also moving in this direction. Having said that, we’re yet to see how effective robotic communication will be.

  1. Factory work and manufacture

This is perhaps the biggest sector to already rely on robots. The auto manufacture industry is highly reliant on machines to put together cars. The same is true in many engineering circles. In factories, machines are largely responsible for essential tasks. Companies like Spiraltech already build complex factory machinery. This will only continue into the future as we remove the need for a human touch.

  1. Cashiers and retail assistants

Again, this is already happening on a widespread scale. Electronic, self service checkout tills are commonplace at major retailers. The big companies are still ironing out the problems here. But within a decade they will have slashed the number of human retail assistants. As customers, we won’t always trust machines. But, we will certainly need less hands on deck in the store.

  1. Astronauts

We’ve been sending robots to space for years. Spacecrafts are, essentially, giant robots after all. However, the technology is becoming so self-sufficient that we soon won’t need humans at all. Robots are already collecting data from the surface of Mars without a manned craft. Even engineering jobs within NASA are being replaced by robots.

Of course, we will always need the intelligent brains behind these industries. However, the menial and smaller tasks are slowly being replaced by machines and robots. They are more efficient, cost effective and reliable. The future of our industries is certainly in a state of change!


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