What does cyber security risk mean to you!?

Each one of use experience advertising annoyance and we do our best to tolerate it and ignore because we simple know it means income to many. But what about more pernicious forms of advertising that are not just a nuisance but actually pose a potential security risk, like so called “injected ads” that somehow find their way into our web browsers through software downloads and extensions. System that injects ads works by replacing ads that are supposed to be served to your browser, or inserting completely new and unwanted ads. It is hard to find one single user today that has not been affected by these injectors acquired through free software downloads. Scary number of around 50,000 extensions and 35,000 applications are marked as ad injectors by Google Security only. Continue reading “What does cyber security risk mean to you!?” »

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Vital Tech Products You Need To Purchase When Buying Your First Home

If you’re on the verge of purchasing your first property, you’ve no doubt got a lot of hard work in front of you. Not only do you have to deal with the legal side of things, but relocating can bring lots of other issues too. Purchasing the right tech items for your home is essential if you want to make sure everything runs smoothly. While most of the products we’re going to mention are pretty basic, they can be easily overlooked when you have so much on your plate. With that in mind, you should pay attention to the suggestions below and place your orders as soon as possible. At the end of the day, nobody wants to spend more than a week or so settling in.

There are lots of articles online that give you suggestions about office tech, but very few of them mention items you might need at home. So, here’s something a little different.


David Sawyer


It is certainly the case that most people now watch TV and stream movies online. So, you probably don’t need to purchase a digibox. However, you’re going to need at least a couple of good quality televisions to ensure you are kept occupied. Thankfully, these items have come down in price considerably in recent years, and so you shouldn’t have to spend more than a couple of hundreds dollars / pounds.


Most professionals have to undertake at least a small amount of their work from home. For that reason, you’ll need to get hold of at least one laptop or desktop computer. To ensure you get the best prices, you’ll want to check online retailers and auction websites. Again, the cost of computers these days is pretty low, and so this purchase shouldn’t break the bank.

Vacuum cleaner

Like it or not, at some point you’ll have to start cleaning your new property. So, you’re going to need a decent vacuum cleaner. There are lots of different products on the market, and some of them perform better than others. That is why you should always take some time out to read reviews online before making your purchase. Hoover Windtunnel Air Cordless Series 3.0 BH50140 vacuum cleaner reviews look pretty promising. However, the decision is down to you.

Alarm systems

The last thing you want is to come home from work and discover a criminal has broken into your property. With that in mind, it is vital that you purchase and install a good alarm system. You probably don’t need to go as far as CCTV, but motion sensors usually work well. If you need a hand installing the devices, there are plenty of specialists out there who focus their efforts on precisely that task.

We hope your move goes well and that you settle into your new home as soon as possible. There can be lots of different reasons for delays, and so you should use that time to ensure you have everything you might need. If you would like more informative advice, you should check through some of the other posts on this site.




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Launching Your Website Has Never Been Easier With This Simple Guide

A lot of people make the decision every day to launch their own website. Now this could be a business venture, or a personal one. But one thing is certain, if you’re going to launch a website, you need to make sure you do it right. This is often a difficult and complex process, but with this guide you will find it much easier.

Know What You Want to Do

When you’re planning to launch a website you need to know what you want to do. It’s important to have a clear idea before you get started. If you don’t then you’re going to be making things up as you go along, and it will all be a mess. So, make sure you plan exactly what you want to do, and you will find that the site is much better. You will find launching a lot easier, and people are going to be more receptive to the site.


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Get Yourself a Tablet

These days it’s vital to be jacked in and up to date with the latest technology. And, if you want to launch a website you need to be sure that you can use all the latest gadgets. You might want to make changes and updates every day. You need to be able to access it while you’re on the move. That’s why you need to have something like a tablet or an iPad. These will let you make changes and additions to the site, and you’ll be able to see what a scaled down version looks like. This will tell you whether you need to choose a different theme for the site.

Don’t Try to be Too Gimmicky

The danger that a lot of people face when they come to launch their websites is the content and layout. See, the danger is to go over the top and make the design too gimmicky. You need to make it exciting and interesting, sure. But you have to make sure you don’t go too gimmicky with it. This will only put people off, and make the site more difficult to use. The idea is to attract custom and drive traffic to the site. And an overly gimmicky website is going to have the opposite effect.

Use Web Hosting Service

Of course, there’d be no website without a web hosting service. And it’s important that you make a decision about what the best hosting service is for you. There are plenty of choices out there. One idea would be to check out eHost – the recent established web host to see if they’re the right fit for you. Pick the right hosting service is more important to your website than you actually might think. So you need to make sure you make the right decision and that you get this part spot on.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you need to do when launching a website. This guide concerns itself with some of the more important elements. If you can follow these things as much as possible, you’ll be fine, and you should find yourself in a position to launch the perfect site.


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The Best Gadgets of 2015

We all want to have the biggest and best gadget that’s available on the market and from hover boards to smartwatches, 2015 has been a year of big gadget developments. Whether we want our gadgets to add a little bit of fun to our everyday lives or to make each day that little bit easier, us Brits can’t get enough of the technological devices that are all over the high street. Continue reading “The Best Gadgets of 2015” »

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7 Quick Tips for Custom Photograph

A custom photo shoot, as it sounds, is customized according to the needs and wants of the client. It however, needs proper planning, for a successful custom photograph. A picture speaks a thousand words. You need to be very careful while selecting a photographer. Even when you have chosen the best photographer in town, you need to give inputs to him, to specify your moods, wants and other requirements. We are providing you some quick tips for getting a successful photo shoot done. You will be delighted to see your own photographs.

Continue reading “7 Quick Tips for Custom Photograph” »

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The 2 Hottest Wearable Tech Trends Of 2015



With the dawn of the Apple Watch saw the worlds of fashion and technology come together like never before. Though it wasn’t the first smart watch on the market, it was the tech giant’s first voyage into the world of wearable technology. Not to mention their boldest venture to date. At the time of this writing, Apple had released the figures to show 3.6 million sales in the second quarter of 2015. Quite some way off from their initial 40 million projection, right?

In many ways, the Apple Watch simply couldn’t live up to the hype. That doesn’t, however, mean its attempts were a total failure. As a company, Apple has a storied history of quickly rectifying previous mistakes. There’s a reason they’re top dogs in the market, and we surely haven’t seen the last of their effort at wearable tech.

The idea of wearable technology is nothing new, though. Take a look at Shinola watches for women. They’re simply a modern take on an old concept. And in many ways, the humble watch was the very first wearable technology. By marketing them towards fashion-conscious women, however, they became a must-have accessory. Their appearance every bit as important as their function. Decades later, watches are just as culturally relevant as the day they were invented. And they’re constantly evolving.

Such progress has made its way into other areas of fashion. Here are just two of my favourite wearable technology ideas of 2015:

Google Glass 2 – Powered by an Intel processor, the Google Glass 2’s development phase is well underway. Looking to build on the success of their initial release, how did the original prototype make itself stand out? Dubbed the ‘Explorer Edition,’ Google sold their beta version to just 8,000 people. All of them were handpicked from their Twitter campaign. Its display included a touchpad for control and the ability to record high definition video. And they looked pretty great, too.

The idea of using a pair of spectacles to make calls, check the weather forecast or view slideshows was bold to say the least. For me, it represented great strides towards a future we could only have imagined previously on the big screen. Details of their second release (the ‘Enterprise Edition’) are naturally sparse. Rumours suggest they are looking to improve battery life primarily; the biggest complaint of the prototype. The second incarnation could also see smoother user compatibility and aesthetic improvement.

Jawbone UP3 – This particular fitness tracker was in the works for far longer than its developers would care for. But as it happens, the Jawbone UP3 was worth the wait. Where previous fitness technology was strictly one-dimensional, this boasts an unparalleled flexibility. Its hardware is so advanced; they say it can recognise what sport you’re playing. It then gives informed biometric advice based on your hydration and perspiration rates. It can even track your sleeping patterns. A little more complex than the standard heart rate monitor, don’t you think? An absolute must-have purchase for fitness enthusiasts.

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