3 Hidden Secrets on Your iPhone

If you have a smartphone, and it isn’t an Android, the high likelihood is you will own an iPhone. Apple’s best selling product has been a pioneer in the evolution of the modern cellular phone. With the need for efficiency and accessibility these days it is possible to do almost anything on the iPhone. Indeed, many iPhone users treat their phone as a diary and personal computer as well as a phone.

In many ways, the iPhone is all these things. Accessing the internet from a mobile device has never been easier. You can read and type emails on your iPhone with total clarity. Most websites even have mobile sites that you access automatically when you enter them using your phone.

You might even consider the idea of creating your website on you iPhone. Asking, what domain name do I use? Do I get SSH with iPage hosting? How much should I pay for my site? You can deal with all these options without ever needing a laptop or PC.

But, you may first want to master the iPhone and discover any secrets it may be hiding from you. Here are three hidden features on your iPhone.

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  • Switch Control

Switch control is a function that can be found in the ‘Accessibility’ section of your iPhone. It is an ingenious function that allows you to control your iPhone using your head! Yes, genuinely! By tilting, shaking or nodding your head you can instruct your iPhone to do many things. These include turning a page or even deleting spelling mistakes.

It seems cool, if gimmicky. But think of the possibilities in which this could be a useful trait for your phone to have. This would allow you to control it (albeit in a basic way) without the need for hands.

  • Emoji Keyboard

Have you ever had a text message or Whatsapp message through from a friend and they have an array of faces or emoticons within the message? You’ve always thought that those looked cool. They can summarise so much where words sometimes can’t. But you can’t seem to find them anywhere on your iPhone.

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Well, that’s because they aren’t. These emoticons are in a completely separate keyboard known as an ‘emoji keyboard’. When you first get your iPhone it will come with a basic keyboard.

But you will be able to go to your keyboard settings and add an emoji keyboard. This will add a new dimension to your keyboard and will also broaden the spectrum of your text messaging significantly. You and your friends can have hours of fun coming up with ways to use all the emoticons in text conversation!

  • Extra symbols

For those grammar Nazi’s out there you now have the option of adding accents, umlauts and the works. The newer model iPhones come equipped with all kinds of extra symbols so you can get those pesky foreign spellings perfect.

To access this option push and hold the letter that you need to accentuate (say, e). When you do this a miniature list will come up showing the letter ‘e’ in its different forms. You can just select the correct accent mark and hey presto you’re done!

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