3 Jobs to Consider When Reading Is Your Favorite Pastime

Some people would rather read a few pages of that new novel they picked up on their lunch breaks than socialize with their coworkers. Reading by and large is a solitary hobby, although you can join book clubs where all members take turns reading aloud. At Jobapplicationcenter.com, dedicated readers can learn about all sorts of jobs that will tickle their fancy. Imagine getting to read from 9 to 5 instead of filling out spreadsheets or sitting in on long meetings! When you’d love to do nothing more than read all day long, you might feel like the perfect job isn’t out there waiting for you. Read below to find out about three jobs that would make any fan of reading happy to go to work.

  1. Professional Editors

Editors don’t just read text with red pens in hand – they actually want to make each piece of text they go over better. There’s copy editing, line editing, and even editing for clarity. Some editors work for big book publishing companies, working hand in hand with the world’s best known authors. Other editors strictly go over websites, looking for fragments and misplaced words. If you want your work responsibilities to be filled with the written word, brush up on your grammar skills and apply for a few editing positions.

  1. Beta Readers

This job will have you doing little more than reading and relaying your opinions. Before new books are released, beta readers are tapped for quite a few reasons. The first job of the beta reader is to find inconsistencies in plot and flow. So, if you’re reading a really good book and things suddenly fall flat, you can let the author know where he or she has gone wrong. In other words, this job requires you to read to your heart’s content, and then provide a really detailed report of your findings. This job is a perfect fit for readers who are discerning about what books they consume.

  1. Proofreading Services

So, another job or business idea for fans of reading consists of proofreading services. Unlike editing, your only job is to help clean things up. For example, a proofreader might go over a magazine and correct the spelling and capitalization of all proper nouns. Proofreaders aren’t expected to re-write text to any degree, but they do provide suggestions on how to make an article, a book, or an opinion piece flow better. Proofreaders can work for companies or themselves, which is really great if you want to make your own schedule.

If you have become bored at work because your position doesn’t involve enough reading, look for a job that lets your mind roam free over text. If you want to make sure that you shine amongst the crowd when applying for such jobs, you need to spend time focusing on your resume. If it is not up to date, or you are finding it difficult to write one, getting in touch with a resume writing service like ARC Resumes (https://www.arcresumes.com/) should be something that you consider doing as soon as possible. This could mean the difference between being hired for a job or not, so make sure that you have your resume ready.

While no job will allow you to read for fun all day long, you don’t have to be looked at strangely when you’ve got a pile of hardcover books on your desk. So, consider how you can turn your reading hobby into a career path.

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