3 Security Tools To Protect Your Computer & Your Business

Personal and business security is extremely important. We have seen over the past 12 months that there has been some serious hacking scandals which have made well-known people vulnerable and have a loss of privacy.

People and businesses have a number of documents and important files that they do not wish others to see or to have access to, so security needs to be seriously considered. Not only can purposely-created robots break down the barriers surrounding your technology, but so can humans which mean your “private” documents might not be so private after-all.

So, to prevent your computer becoming an easy target, here are some security tools to help you protect your computer and yourself, courtesy of IT support company, Netitude:


Password Generator

We all do it – we make passwords we can remember and can be guilty of using this same password for pretty much every login. This is a massive error, and if your password is easy to guess then you could be in trouble. You should have a different password for every login, and you should change your password regularly too.

This password generator should do the trick: https://xkpasswd.net/s/

Finding Your Weak Spots

There is a clever piece of software called the Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) which is free to use and is a security scanner that looks at any vulnerabilities in non-Microsoft programs on your computer, which could be open to attacks from malicious software.

The link for this is: http://secunia.com/vulnerability_scanning/personal/


Put Your Shields Up

Firewall scans are often overlooked, but they should be given some serious respect. Firewall scans are simple to do and can mean that your computer is so much safer. There is an interesting piece of software that looks at how secure your computer is against attack from any external software too, which is really useful.

This software can be found at: https://www.grc.com/shieldsup

Your business, or your personal, computer is important and any documents that you do not want people to see or to steal should be thought about. Use these free security tools to help you stay out of trouble.

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