A 3M Vinyl Skin Keeps Your S7 in Mint Condition

It’s pretty safe to assume that your S7 is a big part of your life. It isn’t just your phone; it’s your everything. When you need to jot down a quick note to yourself or draft your grocery list, it’s your notebook. Its 5.1 inch Quad HD super AMOLED displays makes your S7 the perfect palm-sized entertainment system where you can stream Netflix or play games. The 12MP rear camera with dual pixel makes it your go-to accessory on holiday, and the CMOS 5MP front facing camera takes the best selfies.

You surf the web, organize your life, and keep in touch with loved ones on your S7 – and that’s not even counting all of the times you send off a text or take a call from a friend. All in all, your S7 is an essential part of your daily life. When it’s this critical to the way you do everything, you need to make sure it stays safe.

Using it as is, uncovered, is the fastest way to put your phone in jeopardy. Smartphones tend to attract damages from everyday use, as daily wear and tear appears as scrapes, scratches, scuffs, and dents. Being careful with the S7 isn’t enough. Even the most cautious cell phone user will put their phone in precarious positions that could take a bite out of the stylish S7.

 Smartphones of today aren’t like the landlines of yesterday. Cell phones have migrated from the shelves and tables in homes to jacket pockets, purses, and hands. From home to work to a camping trip, your phone will accompany you wherever you go. These places are minefields for your phone, as even your pocket can carry sharp edges of keys and coins that can scrape your beautiful S7.

That’s why it’s crucial to outfit your phone in an S7 skin. Made out of a strong and resilient vinyl, these S7 skins will save your phone from the typical wear and tear that can damage your cell. It also lowers you chances of dropping your S7 wherever you end up taking it, as the vinyl is textured to naturally stay in your hand. Adding tremendous grip to the slick Gorilla Glass backing, the S7 skin decreases the chances of your phone slipping through your fingers and onto the pavement.

Keeping it in your fingers won’t increase the amount of smudges your S7 will collect. Unlike the Gorilla Glass, which shows every single whorl, arch, and loop of your finger, the vinyl used in S7 skins are dirt-free and grime resistant. It all depends on the type of vinyl that’s used. When you shop for S7 skins at dbrand, you learn that the vinyl of your skin is made out of genuine 3M vinyl – a material that’s well-known for its quality. You won’t see the smudge of your fingerprints no matter how much you use your S7!

Which, as you know, is a lot. When your S7 is not just your phone but your day calendar, entertainment system, and notepad, you’re going to be using it all over the city. Make sure your S7 is up to the job by outfitting it in a 3M vinyl skin that will keep it damage and grime free.

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