5 accessories every iPhone addict will want

There are so many great iPhone accessories on the market that it can be hard to decide which you should buy. However, I’ve got an inkling of what’s going to be big in 2016 and if you’re an iPhone addict, then you might want to make sure you’ve got the following five accessories.

  1. iPhone case

If you’d feel lost without your iPhone and you carry it around pretty much everywhere, it’s really important to get yourself a good iPhone 6 case. This simple piece of kit will help ensure that your gadget is protected from the odd knock and it won’t get scratched. I know plenty of people who delayed getting a case and lived to regret it.

There are some pretty neat cases on the market, in a million different colours. I’d recommend getting a design that has slots for your bank cards and looks like a wallet. It just makes sense to combine the two in my opinion.

  1. Charging dock

You could buy yourself a charging dock so you can charge your phone at your desk and use it when making hands free calls or FaceTiming. There are some really attractive charging docks out at the minute and I particularly like brushed metal stands because they look so good. Many charging docks will also charge an iPad mini, which is another plus point.

  1. Camera lens kit

If you’re a keen photographer or like taking pretty pictures for your blog or social media accounts, then you might want to invest in a camera lens kit for your iPhone so you can take even better snaps. Most kits come with telephoto, fisheye, macro and wide angle lenses, a mini tripod with extendable legs and a universal phone holder.

  1. Belkin WeMoSwitch

Buy yourself one or more of these and you’ll feel like you’re stepping into the future. A Belkin WeMoSwitch allows you to turn a switch on and off in your home from your iPhone. Never again will you have to go back home to make sure you turned your iron off before leaving for work!

  1. Philips InRange Bluetooth Leash Wireless Security

If you’re constantly losing your keys and wallet, then this is a pretty good accessory to have. You fix a little attachment to your belongings and then if you leave them behind somewhere your phone will alert you. Pretty clever if you ask me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my guide to the five accessories every iPhone addict will want. There are bound to be more great accessories released this year too, so keep your eyes peeled.

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