5 Benefits of Cloud-Based VoIP

CC image credit to Roland Tanglao

Although some companies have integrated cloud systems into their day-to-day operations, most have overlooked the benefits of incorporating this technology into their phone systems. For a business leader, cloud-based VoIP software can help to ease the workload for vital IT professionals that could be spending time on other important projects. In addition, managers do not need to assign specific employees to monitor the latest trends in technologies, as this can now be done remotely. Emergency response plans are taken care of as well within a digital system and they no longer qualify as an “added feature.”


CC image credit to Claira Ross

Employees can also benefit from cloud-based VoIP, as it eliminates the traditional walls of an office, expanding and ensuring business efficiency for the entire workforce. Furthermore, breaking away from traditional phone systems allows businesses to add more users without worrying about limitation or obstacles. For more information on how cloud-based VoIP systems can benefit your company, check out the infographic below:

(Graphic provided by ShoreTel Sky)


Graphic provided by ShoreTel Sky

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