5 Time and Quality Optimization Tips and Tweaks

When it comes to technical work, time and quality optimization are going to be two of the focal points, and sometimes it’s difficult to balance them, especially if there’s some amount of creativity that has to go into the equation as well.

But, for those of you interested in upping the logic of your computer-brain processes, there are ways to do this in an effective manner, assuming you approaching a bit like a riddle. Five of these time and quality optimization tips and tweaks to consider are thinking about a call center model, using the right reminder apps, researching how habits are formed, organizing your home and office, and cutting the TV cable out of your life.

Think of the Call Center Model

Think of the processes used to help make call centers more efficient. There are software and hardware analysis methods that work in tandem to determine the efficiency of every part of the call center process. And with every piece of feedback about every single action in the line, up to a certain point, the overall customer and employee relationships to the data is going to get better. Imagine using that process for your own time and energy in the tech world?

Get the Right Reminder App

Reminder apps can do a lot for yo when it comes to time savings as well. Look into the most popular reminder apps for your particular style of phone service, and see which one would seem to vibe with both your personality and your work habits. It might take some trial and error, but eventually you’ll get exactly the notifications that you need, exactly when you need them.

Do Some Research About Habits

Do you know how habits work? This has been an intense area of study for decades, and recent research indicates a lot of notions in the past weren’t quite accurate. So, if you look up the most up-to-date information on habituation, then try to put those methods into your own work, you’ll be surprised at the fairly immediate results.

Organize Your Home and Office Based on Logic

There are manufacturing techniques for logical flow of products, time, and space, and you can adjust some of the processes, but still keep the mentality, in order to approach whatever it is that you feel is causing inefficiency in your own work habits. Look up “S-5” as one of these methods.

Cut the Cable

Television, for better or worse, is a gigantic waste of time, especially when you watch standard fare. If you want to do more and better with your time and energy, you’re going to have to cut the cable. There’s always Netflix for binge watching with no commercials, but the days of idle network TV should leave with other bad habits.

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