5 tips to help you choose just the right VPN provider

VPN services are something that is becoming increasingly popular. As we live in a time where your privacy is no longer private and it is really easy for others to get a hold of your personal data, services such as this are something that allows us to protect ourselves and our families from any type of intrusion.

VPN stands for virtual private network. This kind of a network arose as a response to increased necessity to protect the privacy of internet users.

However, when the first VPN providers were introduced, they weren’t created in order to safeguard regular people. Instead, VPN was an idea which was mainly created for companies. By using this type of a network, you are able to avoid the rules of a public one. In other words, your location becomes irrelevant as you are able to position yourself anyplace in the world. By using such a structure, it is possible to have unobstructed communication and transfers between people who belong to different public networks.

VPN creates a tunnel between two computers. Within it, you are completely protected and able to send and receive messages without any worry that someone will intercept them. Even if they do, all that they would see is an encrypted message. Furthermore, it turns out that they are amazing when it comes to wireless transfer – another reason for companies to use them.

As the time went by, people realized that this is an amazing method to stay safe on the Internet. Time has shown us that we are not actually that well protected. For a long time, we have thought that our data is completely in our hands, without any interference from the side. Today, we know that is a lie as numerous government agencies are trying to keep us in check. Have in mind that this is not something unique for US; it happens all over the world.

Now, if you are a regular user, VPN is not that much of a necessity. But, if you are working with valuable strategic data, it is best if you start using it. Of course, there are a lot of VPN Comparisons out there, so this page is here to explain some ways to differentiate between your options and to help you to be confident in your choice. Although there are a lot of things to look out for, don’t panic!

Here are some tips that will help you out when looking for the best VPN providers in 2016:

  • Price – As always, price is something that needs to be mentioned on the very start. VPN services are really cheap. Nevertheless, even if you are a casual user and don’t wish to invest a cent, there are a lot of them which are free. Like with most other free applications, you can always upgrade them into a paid one. However, you can completely avoid this if you wish so. Have in mind that free applications are usually filled with ads. If you decide to take a paid version, this kind of service costs less than 10 $ per month
  • Simplicity – Normally, if you chose a paid option, it is required from you to register. On the other hand, most free applications do not require even that. As we mentioned previously, most of them are really simple. But, there are those with a bit more complex interface for savvy users. Anyway, VPNs are made so that practically anyone can use them
  • Available geo-locations – This can be very important for people and companies that wish to avoid censorship and other types of blocking. When you turn on this application, you can choose a country. In the future, it will be shown as if you are operating from an IP address located in that part of the world. For instance, if you are outside the UK and want to stream Sky Go, you should get a Sky Go VPN, log in and use it to switch the “internet country” bar to the UK.
  • Traffic – Another thing that can pose issue, a lot of free versions are limited when it comes to traffic. If you are a user that needs VPN for everyday work, this is something that can play a major role. Inform yourself on time before making any type of commitment
  • Customer service – Like with anything else, it is always better to have a good customer service at your disposal. Sometimes, unexpected issues may occur. In these situations, it is much better to have a team of experienced professionals helping you out
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