5 Tips for Projector Maintenance

If you, like many people, have given up your TV and instead have a projector as a primary watching device, then you know that though some aspects of them are great, they aren’t necessarily the most rugged creatures, which means they take a bit of care and maintenance.

And especially if the projector that you’re on is the first one that you’ve owned, you should be aware of a few particular things you have to maintain, and that means you should have goals to measure screen brightness, and you also should avoid overheating the unity, pay attendant to lens cleaning, store it correctly, and clean the fans often.

Get Tools To Measure Screen Brightness

Your eyes are not always the best judge of the brightness of things. A long day at work, or even just being in different lighting conditions are going to make your eyes sensitive or desensitized, so you’ll have trouble determining the actual brightness of your projector. Good thing there are tools to help you with projector brightness. That way you have actual numbers to back up trouble calls, or perhaps times when you know it’s almost time to get a new bulb, as the old one is dimming.

Avoid Overheating Situations

Projectors are prone to overheating. To avoid this, there are different internal settings you can use, and then there are also things that you can do like keep the room below a certain temperature, or also point fans at the unit as well. Some units have something called ‘high altitude mode’ which get the internal fans working a bit tougher as well, and that can lengthen overall better performance over time.

Clean the Lens Safely

One of the first things you should do after you purchase your project is get a good lens cleaning cloth. These are super inexpensive, but will drastically improve your viewing experience. You won’t notice the difference until you actually do the cleaning, but then you’ll wonder why you don’t clean it literally every time you use it.

Store It In Correct Conditions

Projectors can be a little finicky about storage. Because they have some delicate industrial parts, they need to be stored in areas that aren’t too humid, aren’t too dry, don’t have a lot of temperature variation, and also should be kept out of bright sunlight.

Clean the Fans Regularly

One of the first malfunctions that can happen with your projector is that the fan blades will get covered with dust and start lagging. So buy a can of compressed air along with the projector and every time you use it, just give the can a quick squeeze as a type of preventative maintenance, so you don’t have to deal with gunk later.

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