5 Uncommon Ways To Promote Your Business

Sometimes trying unorthodox methods does lead to success, however that is very rare. How successful your promotion campaign goes depends upon the way it is planned. The ways you decide to promote your business should be well thought and well reviewed. There are thousands of easy ways in which a promotion campaign turns out successful but still, some people choose pretty unusual ways.

These unusual ways, if somehow works in their favor, can give results far better than anyone can imagine. Even one or two of these methods, if included in a strategy, can save a lot of money. We have studied all the cases and have designed a list of 5 uncommon ways to promote your business.


This is an old but effective way to promote your business. If you are 30 years old or above, then you would have probably seen a seaplane promoting a business, a product or a movie. Seaplanes were considered the best tools to business promotions, as they covered almost the entire city and attracted attention of all those who it passed by. A seaplane will have a banner tied on its tail and will fly around the city for several hours. A seaplane will also be used to distribute fliers all over the city. However today this method of promotion has become a thing of the past, and even though some people still use it others find it inappropriate and a low standard marketing technique.

Bus Ads

How many times have you seen a bus with a movie or a product advertised on it? It is one of the cheapest ways to promote your business. Placing an ad on a bus will spread your name to every area and corner of the city where the bus will travel. This turns out to be a very effective strategy. This strategy is usually avoided due to the fact that one may not be able to target specific people. A similar strategy that can generate more clients can be Promotional Branded Food Truck, which can attract people with varied food interests. These types of promotional techniques can benefit people who require mass leads in a small duration.

Sponsoring Game Shows

Another uncommon way to promote your name is by sponsoring a series of game shows. Game shows are watched by people who love entertainment and there is no age or content restriction on them so they cover an extremely wide range of audience. It could turn out to be even better if the show goes international. To double down on the idea, you could use digital signage to promote the game show within your business. For example, if your business is a restaurant, you could have your outlets play the game shows you’re sponsoring. If you don’t know how to go about doing that, then Loop signs and other similar ventures can get you started on your way to promote your brand.

Brand Ambassadors

Celebrities and sports personalities are followed by people all over the world. People are crazy about what brands they wear, what products they use, and what cars they drive. Making an uprising star your brand ambassador could be the break your company needed. This way of promotion helps your company become a worldwide name and every new product can become an instant hit using your marketing weapon.

Product Placement

Product placement is displaying your products in movies or TV shows. TV series and movies are watched by almost everyone on the planet, making it a promotional hit. However if the show or the movie is a failure, so is your marketing campaign.

Eva is a brand support specialist for a Custom Gear, one of Australia’s fastest growing branding companies.

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