Apply Pay UK Launch: Could iPhones Replace Credit Cards?

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Apple Pay was launched in America back in October 2014, and it has already become the most popular mobile payment solution in the US, according to Said to be one of Apple’s smartest marketing moves, the phone payment is fully backed by Bank of America, with the bank releasing a commercial encouraging their customers to make payments through their iPhones. With Apple Pay being available only on the iPhone 6, sales have shown strong uptake since launch – and no doubt, the partnership with Bank of America has helped to leverage those sales.

When is Apple Pay Available in the UK?

Set to land in the UK in early 2015 (dates have not yet been confirmed), the question now is whether iPhone 6 could really replace credit cards? (Read more here). Could an easy swipe of a smartphone really eliminate our need for using plastic every time we pick up our groceries or buy a coffee?

Whilst there have been signs of obvious success in America, it has been reported that some UK banks have shown concerns over the ‘wave and pay’ concept pushed by the multinational corporation, Apple Inc. Talks are now taking place between the technology company and the UK’s biggest banks but sources have informed The Telegraph that one bank is uncomfortable with the amount of personal and financial data collected from customers. There are fears that so much data could become a huge security risk, but as much as these concerns are present, banks are still keen to ride the technology trend wave in order to cater for the needs of their customers.

Contactless Payment and Credit Cards

Contactless Payment and Credit Cards

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The Apple Pay mobile payment solution certainly presents a fantastic answer to the British consumer’s ever-growing need for convenience. But with safety and security being top priorities for most UK shoppers, perhaps the uptake won’t be quite as popular as the US.

There’s no doubt that Apply Pay will be embraced here; but it will likely just add to the high street’s growing portfolio of payment avenues, giving our consumers more options when they shop. The convenience of ‘wave and pay’ could become a preferred solution at restaurants and bars but a credit card may be the chosen payment type when it comes to larger purchases.

Whatever the outcome, 2015 will be an interesting year for the world of retail. To keep up to date with the latest news on Apple products or Apple Pay, head to Apple Insider.

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