Apps for keeping your smartphone secure

Look around on a crowded street and you won’t find many adults without a smartphone in hand today. They have become as common as a pair of glasses or a watch. In fact, some would say that they have replaced watches as a way to keep abreast of the time.

For plenty of people, their smartphones contain all their secrets, so it’s important to make sure that their phones are secure. That is why the team at Syntax IT Support have compiled a list of tips and apps that you can use to make your phone as secure as possible.

First app on the list is Find My iPhone for iOS users and Find My Droid for Android smartphones.

Both apps are simple to use and free to download; iPhones often come with this app pre-installed, with the user just needing to activate it. The idea is that if you were to misplace your smartphone, you are able to locate the last place your phone boosted signal from by logging onto the app on a computer.

These apps are great, as they gives you an extra sense of security in the event that you lose your phone. Additionally, these apps allow you to block the phone from use, erase it and even write a message to the phone so you could be contacted if the phone was found.

Next app to secure your phone is Lookout.

Also a free app, Lookout protects iOS and Android devices from threats of dodgy open WiFi networks, dangerous apps and fake links or pop ups. Lookout provides full time security all the time your device is turned on. There is also the option to use Lookout to back up contacts and documents by setting up automatic backups, which you can access on other devices by logging on to Lookout online. Similarly to Find My iPhone and Find My Droid, Lookout can also locate a smartphone if misplaced and sound an alarm for phones on silent.

AppLock is next.

AppLock is only available for Android and it does what it says on the tin. It protects the data stored on your smartphone within apps you select to lock. The app requires that you to set up a password that you can apply to any apps you want to make particularly secure. It is free, but there is a premium version at 59p a month or £1.95 a year. There are additional features to the advanced version, such as locking apps at given locations or at certain times.

1Password is the next app for those who struggle with remembering all their different passwords.

1Password is at a hefty price of £12 and restricted to iPhones only. However, it is a fantastic security app for those who find it difficult to remember all the different passwords you have for different accounts. 1Password only requires a single master password to access the app and when unlocked, not only will it generate strong and unique passwords for new accounts, it will also remember any card details, mobile banking log in information as well as all the passwords you save. All you need to remember is to keep that master password a secret.

There are hundreds of security apps out there for all smartphones. This list is only small, but gives you an idea of the kind of apps that are available. If you are seeking professional advice on the best way to secure your smartphones, particularly if you are a business owner with many to secure, then you may want to consult tech experts or a local IT support provider.

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