The Awesome Security Technology Keeping Us Safe At Night

Security is big concern to both businesses and personal safety. With more and more crime headlines hitting the news, we are growing more careful as a nation. We have taken drastic steps to increase our personal security. On the other hand, businesses are spending a fortune on upgrading their security systems. In both cases, technology is opening up new possibilities. It is unlocking powerful new security techniques, and keeping us safer than ever before. Whether it’s traditional home protection, or digital safeguards, we’re all taking action. Here are some of the very best technologies and gadgets keeping us safe.

The Burton Torino safe

This one-of-a-kind safe is supposedly impossible to crack. Perhaps only the world’s greatest safe-cracker could get in. Hundreds of security and safe experts tried, to no avail. This safe is the best on the market for home and small commercial purposes. In fact, it’s so good, your insurance company will underwrite £4,000 of the contents inside it. If you’re worried about your personal documents or jewellery, invest in this uncrackable safe.

Lighting timers

We’re still looking at home devices for the moment. And, when it comes to home security, lighting timers are the best new technology out there. We’re always terrified of leaving the house for long periods. For example, leaving for two weeks on holiday. For many professional thiefs, it’s obvious when someone is out of the house. So, with lighting timers, you can give the impression that you’re always home. These timers recall your past two week’s energy use, and simply replays it while you’re away. Your lights and TV will come on, as if you were really home.

Remote monitoring

In the business world, security is even more important. The correct security equipment will protect thousands of pounds worth of assets. There may also be highly sensitive information or personal data on site. With that in mind, companies need a high-tech solution. The experts at Compound Security Specialists tell us that remote monitoring is now the most popular solution. They are used to monitor gas stations and telecoms centres from afar. If anything is triggered, response teams can quickly react.


In the 21st century, security has moved into the digital realm. The risk is no longer confined to the real world. In fact, data hacking and online fraud is a much more dangerous threat. It’s particularly true for businesses that handle reams of sensitive personal data. Encryption is the standard digital safeguard against online threats. It scrambles information and data into unreadable code. Only the person with an encryption key can unlock the data at the other end.

Pressure pads

Finally, pressure pads are now being adopted in a big way. The technology was previously limited to big budget systems, like art galleries and museums. Now, it is much more accessible. Even home security can benefit from pressure pads around the house perimeter. It’s the first sign that an intruder is on your property.

These security technologies are keeping us safe and secure around the clock. How could you improve your personal safety?


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