The Best Backup Services Reviewed

I’ve been in the market for a new online backup service for a while, which made me realize that it would be great to share my shopping and research experiences to others to make their purchase decision easier than mine was! I was able to narrow my choices down to three, which I’ve reviewed below, but I also included Bitcasa as a fourth option as its free plan is too great not to review.


Everyone likes things that are free, and Bitcasa offers a free storage plan that is hard to ignore. Through Bitcasa, you can backup up to 10GB of data for free. The majority of us will need to backup more than 10GB worth of data, but it is perfect for those of us who just want to backup our Word documents and spreadsheets and maybe a few pictures and videos. Others have complained about the backups being a bit slow, but you cannot complain too much when you’re getting your data backed up for free. They do offer a $10 a month plan for unlimited data, but I’ve found that there are other services that offer better unlimited data plans.


I’ve used this online backup service in the past and for good reason. The cost is fairly low at $6.00 for 50GB, and $10 for 125 GB across up to three computers. You have the ability to limit backup speeds and schedule dates for which backups will occur. 95% of computer users won’t need anything bigger than 50GB, but for those of you who know you do, I would skip over to the next service. The one constructive criticism that I have is that Mozy installs in the System Preferences of mac computers, which I find a bit difficult to navigate to when the software could exist on its own. The website is great however, and they provide great information on the data you have currently backed up.


Backblaze might be the most straightforward and simple backup storage plan available. It’s $5 a month for every computer you want to back up, and you can back up as much data as you want. You can also get the service for $4 a month if you sign up for a two year plan. After starting their free trial, I found their software to be simple to use and easy to figure out, but gave me enough advanced options to keep me happy. I would recommend this service as one of the top picks, if you store all of your data on one computer and don’t plan on buying a second or third computer, laptop or tablet that you will use for storing data in the near future.


After I tried their free trial for a month, this quickly became the winner for me. The software that you download is simple to use, shows a detailed history of activity, and allows you to limit sending rate when your laptop battery is low or you need your computer to perform better. What really makes it great is the fact that you can back up other friends’ computers and vice versa. This makes it a perfect option for families or a small business with no additional costs. You can backup 10GB for $3.00 a month, or $6.00 a month gets you unlimited. I needed an unlimited data backup plan, or something close to it, and found that this one gave the best bang for its buck. I was also able to get a discount for signing up for a four year term, and if I can get any friends to sign up as well, I get another discount.

My strongest recommendation for anyone shopping for data backup services would be to find a service where you feel comfortable using the software or website – especially if you don’t want to think about backing up your data. Paying an extra couple dollars a month will be well worth it when your hard drive fails and you need to figure out how to backup your data immediately. In the event that you lose your data and you don’t have your data properly backed up, data recovery services like the ones provided by The Data Recovery Group can help you get your valuable data back.

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