Benefits of PHP For Mobile Web Development

In the last couple of years, the number of mobile phone users has been on a constant increase. If trends are anything to go by, the number is most likely to improve. According to a research carried out in the year 2005, there was a projection that in the next ten years or so, the number of mobile phone devices would surpass that of the people in the world.

These days, most people surf the internet using mobile phones which simply implies that for website owners to get the most amount of traffic, they must be in a position to make sure that they are mobile friendly. At this day and age, people no longer use static websites but rather, dynamic ones. PHP has largely contributed to this web development phenomenon. Being a server side scripting language, it comes accompanied by a myriad of benefits, which has made it very popular across the world.

Each and every day, there are millions of websites being developed around the world. There are many reasons why a very large part of web developers around the world prefer using PHP. Let us look at some of them.

  1. It is easy to use

The best thing with this side server scripting language is the fact that it is easy to learn when compared to other languages. For developers who are familiar with C or Perl syntax, it is even easier to learn. In fact, to learn this language, it takes lesser time when compared to other such languages for developers who are committed to learning and actually becoming the best.

  1. It is cost efficient

This language is open source and for that matter, it is literally free of cost. When doing web development, one does not need to buy expensive software to aid in the development. At the end of the day, the best thing is that the website will be developed for free and end up looking magnificent.

  1. It offers better control

Compared to other languages, which need scripts that are long, PHP is able to do the same job in just a few lines of code and at the same time, have maximum control over the website’s functionalities. Another awesome thing with the language is the fact that it allows one to make changes anytime and without having to go through any struggle.

  1. It is adequately secure

Not many website owners want to have websites that can be easily manipulated when matters related to security are concerned. In fact, security is a very paramount component of a good website and especially if it is business related. For the web developer who wants to take full advantage of adequate security for the website, they can be sure that it will be guaranteed by the language and they will have no hitches while at that.

  1. It has the ability to support different servers

This is another awesome thing about PHP. Regardless of the fact that someone is using the Microsoft IIS or Apache server, they can rest assured that it will perform as smoothly as expected. It also supports personal web servers and Netscape.

  1. It is not confined to just a particular platform

For a website to be fully reliable, it must be in a position to be easily accessible on the different available browsers. If a website is confined to adequately perform on a particular browser, it will prove a bit tricky for those with gadgets that do not have the browser to browse it. Luckily for websites coded using the language, it is equally available on all platforms and for that reason, available for all to browse.

  1. It has perfect access to support

Because of the simple fact that it is used by a large number of people, it has in the process formed a very large community of users. So, in the event that one is stuck, it is practically easy for them to get the support and help they need from the same community. All that one needs is to let them know of the challenge at hand.

  1. It has been proven through testing

Because it has been in use for the last two decades, it has capabilities that have been tested and proven to be adequately efficient. In fact, it has won the trust of most developers due to the fact that it is reliable enough.

  1. It is speedy enough

PHP uses its own memory and in the process, makes the server’s workload reduce to a very big deal. At the end of the day, this makes the processing speed increase and in the process, reducing development time for a number of related web apps like eCommerce and CRM.

  1. Intriguingly efficient

When compared with other coding languages, a website built in PHP can be highly scaled when matters related to writing the html5 code are concerned. It is also highly reliable when it comes to dealing with coding for a large amount of web pages.

When it comes to developing websites using the html5 platform, a developer can feel confident that the end result will be a website that looks great and that has the ability to load as quickly as possible. It is also possible for the platform to design amazing websites that function equally well on mobile.

With the language, a developer can be assured of a website that easily loads, shows the best image resolution, has the latest compatibility when matters related to browsers are concerned and that has the best layout and search engine optimization friendly as well.

Different with the days prior to intense online competition, it is imperative these days for any business website owner to make sure that the website they own is well ranked on the search engines. Without a language that is in a position to support such, it becomes very hard for the business to have the same competing leverage against worthy competitors. For that reason, websites that use the html5 language are very well placed when it comes to being useful for businesses.

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