How To Go Into Business As A Proofreader

Have you had enough of the nine to five life where you work long hours for little pay? You are not alone. Millions of people are looking for a way to leave their jobs and work from home instead. They face a problem; there aren’t that many jobs that you can do from home and make a proper wage. Perhaps you should consider a career as a self-employed proofreader.

Maybe you enjoy reading, and it would be a case of doing what you love. That is a dream to which most people aspire. It all sounds great in theory, but do you have what it takes? Here is how to go into business as a proofreader.

Register As Self-Employed

Just as any other self-employed person, you must register with your tax collectors. They will ask you to keep accurate records of your income and expenditure throughout the financial year and to submit a tax return when the time comes. They will calculate how much you must pay in tax. If you do plenty of work and your overheads are low, you might pay a substantial amount.

Make A Study

Use a spare bedroom as a study where you can go to sit quietly and do your job. It will need all of the equipment you expect to find in an office these days; here is a list of suggestions.

  • A router with broadband internet access.
  • A desktop computer with at least two monitors. It must be powerful enough to run the latest OCR technology so that you can digitise documents for editing.
  • A scanner for document input.
  • A telephone.
  • A high-quality printer.

There will be other items of equipment, but those will serve you well in the beginning.

Find Clients

You must sell yourself to other companies so that they will make use of your talents. Here are a few marketing ideas that could attract business.

  1. Build a website to detail all of the services you offer. It must look professional and be easy to use. Don’t be afraid to display your prices and even take payment on the website. If you keep it simple, you can attract a lot of business. Maybe it could feature a drop-down list where the client can select the number of pages they need you to proofread and pay for them in advance. It is convenient for them to do business that way; everybody knows where they stand.
  2. Use social media to make others aware of you. It is a flexible way to target your advertising budget. Every business needs a facebook page these days, so seek them out.
  3. You could send letters of introduction to potential customers. Tell them why they need to use your services. Be confident and reasonable to get the best response.

When the work starts to roll in, you must discipline yourself if you are to get it done in a timely manner. Set working hours just as if you were in employment and stick to them as best you can. Be flexible in your approach to business and open yourself to new ideas as they arise. No business, no matter how small, can afford to stand still in a competitive market.

Being a proofreader is a satisfying occupation. You can earn a lot of money if you are good at your job too. Take it from one who knows.

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