The Best Cars for Techies

We all know at least one––that special someone who can fix your computer when it is frozen, who you look to when purchasing new software, who always has the hottest new gadgets––techies. Somehow both left and right brained, these people have a passion for the cutting edge of style and innovation. Choosing the right car for them can be tough, but with the right help, you can find the right combination of savvy and fresh that will leave them speechless. After all, when the companies go through the hassle to work with an automotive advertising agency to help get the word out, there’s got to be something behind it to back it up. We have compiled this list to indicate which cars are the perfect fit for them, the most discerning of buyers.

Genesis G90

Although the Genesis G90 may look like an ordinary sedan, this vehicle is so much more. It rides low to the ground and packs a full 420 horsepower engine for the adventurous driver. What’s more, it has all of the technological hookups that you could ask for: wireless charging of your mobile devices, bluetooth capabilities, and it can even be programmed to work in sync with your Amazon Alexa, allowing the car to be started by voice. You can even control the internal temperature of the vehicle by speaking. Now that is certainly cutting edge.

Subaru Legacy

When you think of Subaru, what do you think of? Rugged? Wild? Outdoors? Sporty? These are all correct, but the most recent model of the Legacy comes jam-packed with the most sophisticated driving technology available: a pre-collision braking system to help protect the passengers and driver, lane-keeping assistance, and even a dedicated app to help you find roadside assistance in the event of an emergency. As well, it is possible to maintain your car in its pristine condition as a result of the availability of service centers (such as the one that provides subaru repair lakewood).

Chrysler Pacifica

The Pacifica might have a bit of a reputation as standard frumpy car, but in recent years, Chrysler has been sneakily loading this already solid vehicle with some of the most current features available on the market. It possesses the reliability and functionality that you have come to expect from Chrysler in addition to an extravagant array of media features. The Pacifica comes with two screens that can be viewed by second row passengers, and they can even operate independently of one another for separate viewing. What’s more, these screens are HDMI compatible, allowing you to connect your favorite gaming console without losing any of the superbly rendered graphic capability. The Pacifica even has a vacuum cleaner built into it, and do we not all know that one geek who could use a little push to be cleaner?

Cadillac CT6

The beauty of this car (apart from it being a Cadillac) is all in the construction. In order to maximize both style and efficiency, Cadillac worked a complete overhaul of its design, utilizing parts that are lighter and more durable than those used prior to this model. A well oiled machine built from the ground up with only the highest quality steel and aluminum, the CT6 is an ergonomic masterpiece. And if that wasn’t enough, this car also has video recording capability in both the front and rear of the vehicle. For the adventurous driver who likes to chronicle his travels, one need look no further than the Cadillac CT6.

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