Never Feel Guilty about Having Fun with Your Gadgets

There’s quite a scathing meme doing the rounds which basically attacks the thought-process of consumers who show some brand loyalty towards Apple, suggesting that they’re willing to camp out in the cold to be the first to get their hands on a new product while pretty much the same features which come with that product can be found in much cheaper products released by other manufacturers. The meme goes: “How do you milk sheep? Answer, release a new iPhone!” Continue reading

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How The Apple Watch Opens Your Biology to Hackers

The Apple Watch, the much-awaited tech toy of the Apple faithful, stands as another crowning achievement of the wearable technology craze. With all its many features, it seems like the perfect way to reach out, tap your friends and stay in touch with colleagues on the move. The wide array of apps designed to work with the Apple Watch also makes it a useful machine to augment a user’s daily routine. From scheduling appointments to keeping track of your daily amount of exercise, the Apple Watch manages a massive amount of data exchange. It is enough to cause many consumers to question just where all this data about you ends up being leaked.

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How To Earn A Living From Your Apple iPhone

Believe it or not, it is possible to earn a good living from your iPhone these days. While it might not be the most reliable means of creating income, it’s much better than spending your life working for other people. To get started, you simply have to register yourself as self-employed and follow our advice. There are lots of different techniques you could select, but we’ve chosen to list only the most popular ones. No matter what your previous experience and skills might involve, there are always going to be opportunities to make money online. Thanks to smartphone advancements, many of them can be handled by your mobile device.

Trading on the stock market

You’re going to need some savings to invest if you want to earn a living from the stock market. However, there is no need to spend your day sat in front of a laptop. Applications like Netotrade on iTunes provide a platform for you to handle your business. You can check the state of the markets, look at prices and make trades from anywhere with a WiFi connection. That means you will have more opportunities for flexibility within your daily routine. Using applications and software of that nature is perfect for people with family commitments who can’t take on a full-time traditional job.

Publishing eBooks

A great way of making money online is to write and publish eBooks. While you will want to use a standard keyboard for most of the writing work, you can handle the publishing aspect from your smartphone. Most people who use Apple products choose to publish their work through iTunes because the process is simple. However, you might like to expand your operation by using Createspace too. That is the platform that allows you to get your titles listed for sale on Amazon. Again, the website is mobile friendly, and you can deal with the entire process from your smartphone. Not bad is it?


Thomas van de Weerd

Selling on auction websites

Most online auction websites like eBay have now released smartphone applications for their clients. That means you can upload photos, write descriptions, and place your advert without the need for a computer. If nothing else, doing things that way means you will save a lot of time. It also means that you can check the progress of your sales whenever you need the information. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that eBay is the only site worthy of your time. New auction domains are popping up every single week. Some of them are better than others, but they’re all worth a look.

While you might not have believed it a few minutes ago, you should now see that earning a living from your Apple iPhone is much easier than it sounds. There are lots of people all over the world who manage to create lucrative income streams that way, and so there is no reason you can’t do the same. Quitting your job can be a little worrying, but you’ll be fine. So long as you create a plan and think ahead, you stand the same chance of success as everybody else.


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3 Hidden Secrets on Your iPhone

If you have a smartphone, and it isn’t an Android, the high likelihood is you will own an iPhone. Apple’s best selling product has been a pioneer in the evolution of the modern cellular phone. With the need for efficiency and accessibility these days it is possible to do almost anything on the iPhone. Indeed, many iPhone users treat their phone as a diary and personal computer as well as a phone.

In many ways, the iPhone is all these things. Accessing the internet from a mobile device has never been easier. You can read and type emails on your iPhone with total clarity. Most websites even have mobile sites that you access automatically when you enter them using your phone.

You might even consider the idea of creating your website on you iPhone. Asking, what domain name do I use? Do I get SSH with iPage hosting? How much should I pay for my site? You can deal with all these options without ever needing a laptop or PC.

But, you may first want to master the iPhone and discover any secrets it may be hiding from you. Here are three hidden features on your iPhone.

iphone-37856_640Image Source

  • Switch Control

Switch control is a function that can be found in the ‘Accessibility’ section of your iPhone. It is an ingenious function that allows you to control your iPhone using your head! Yes, genuinely! By tilting, shaking or nodding your head you can instruct your iPhone to do many things. These include turning a page or even deleting spelling mistakes.

It seems cool, if gimmicky. But think of the possibilities in which this could be a useful trait for your phone to have. This would allow you to control it (albeit in a basic way) without the need for hands.

  • Emoji Keyboard

Have you ever had a text message or Whatsapp message through from a friend and they have an array of faces or emoticons within the message? You’ve always thought that those looked cool. They can summarise so much where words sometimes can’t. But you can’t seem to find them anywhere on your iPhone.

14991727872_e97e918a6e_oImage Source

Well, that’s because they aren’t. These emoticons are in a completely separate keyboard known as an ‘emoji keyboard’. When you first get your iPhone it will come with a basic keyboard.

But you will be able to go to your keyboard settings and add an emoji keyboard. This will add a new dimension to your keyboard and will also broaden the spectrum of your text messaging significantly. You and your friends can have hours of fun coming up with ways to use all the emoticons in text conversation!

  • Extra symbols

For those grammar Nazi’s out there you now have the option of adding accents, umlauts and the works. The newer model iPhones come equipped with all kinds of extra symbols so you can get those pesky foreign spellings perfect.

To access this option push and hold the letter that you need to accentuate (say, e). When you do this a miniature list will come up showing the letter ‘e’ in its different forms. You can just select the correct accent mark and hey presto you’re done!

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#ShakeYourPower brings clean energy to places in the world without electricity through the power of music

Sudha Kheterpal, best know as the percussionist from South London band Faithless, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise £50,000 for #ShakeYourPower project.

In places like Kenya, where 75% of the population live without access to electricity, having the ability to read at night or charge up a mobile phone gives people the chance of a better education and also access to services like the revolutionary mobile phone banking system, M-PESA.

#ShakeYourPower, is about bringing clean energy to places in the world without electricity, through the medium of music. For the last year, Sudha has been developing a musical instrument, a prototype percussion shaker called

SPARK, which converts the energy from shaking it, into electricity. Users can then plug in a light or charge up a mobile telephone. To watch a video of what it’s all about click

Working as a professional percussionist for over 20 years, Sudha has often wondered whether the huge amounts of energy created from performing on some of the world’s largest stages, could be harnessed and used.

After some initial research and discovering the advancements in the kinetic energy harvesting space and other energy harnessing techniques, she began the process of researching and developing SPARK with a product designer from the RCA.

Sudha has developed and created a small prototype percussion shaker called, SPARK, which if shaken for 12 minutes will generate an hours worth of light.

You can support the project on their Kickstarter page at before 10th July 2014.

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