Handy travel apps for your trip to Bali

You are planning a trip to travel to a far-away island in the far-away exotic Indonesian Archipelago. Good for you! Bali is amazing! A unique culture, sleepy villages, buzzling beach towns, private pool villas at prices you won’t believe – it is a paradise, indeed! Prepare yourself well by downloading some handy travel apps to […]

Creating an app-like experience on the web

Who doesn’t love a good app? Whether it’s to keep track of the latest football scores, listen to music, check on the stock market or place a bet, you take a look at anyone’s smartphone and you’re guaranteed to see a wide range of apps from a seemingly never-ending list of categories. Please follow and […]

App Ideas for Newbie Developers

Inspired by all those popular stories of self-taught programmers and hackers who went on to achieve big things, you probably set aside a bit of the summer holidays to perfect your own development skills. It is indeed true that you can literally learn everything you need to know about programming online, without even having to […]

5 Essential Apps For Sports Fans Everywhere

  When geeks and sports fans come together, what do you get? Awesome sports apps, that’s what! I am one such geek, and I have an army of great apps on my phone with their own sports category. With so many great matches, games, and tournaments happening all over the world, I need some easy […]