The Trouble with Internet Privacy – Featuring Kevin Spacey!

Internet Privacy

I’ve been doing a bit of reading about Internet Privacy recently and came across the old article on the BBC:

I know this is mainly down to the big record labels pushing this, but do they really think people wont just find another way around it?

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Gadgets At The Cutting Edge

Just ten years ago so many gadgets and tech advances were beyond our reach. Lots of the things you see in everyday use now were just a distant hope. Further back in the past, it would have been practically inconceivable that everyone would have a phone. Let alone the fact that every phone can access the internet, take pictures and function as an advanced calculator.

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How Apple uses Ireland to avoid tax – And doesn’t care.

Within hours a terse reply had been dispatched across Ireland’s second city. In the memo, dated September 15, 2004, an E&Y partner explained that the company was not trading and, in any event, was not technically resident in Ireland for tax purposes. “In the circumstances, there is nothing to return from the corporation tax standpoint,” the bean-counter wrote.

The company in question was not some doomed venture established by a foreign investor on Ireland’s wild southern coast. Rather, it is one of the most profitable companies the world has known.

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How hard is learning to code?

In this article I look at whether or not it is really required to have excellent Maths and or Science skills to be able to work in the software development field.

Fidelity, for example, employs designers from training grounds such as NCAD, the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. She says they think purely visually and have not written a single line of code. As the company assesses the skills required by a changing industry, it has identified a trend toward analytics and data visualisation.

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