Top 5 gaming tools every gamer has to have

So you think you are a gamer? Well, you are not truly one until after you have these 5 essential tools. Every gamer, from online casino gamers at or other online casinos to video games players, there are 5 tools which are essential if your gaming experience is to be worthwhile, entertaining and enjoyable.

The effect gaming has on the brain

The often-discussed topic of gaming and its negative effects has been a major talking point for years. No one ever imagined that the very first Atari console would result in millions sitting around in their underwear all day long, playing video games. As gaming technology advanced and games traversed all media, stakes became higher, and […]

Why Mobile Casino Gaming Is So Popular

Playing casino games on a mobile device is extremely popular and a mobile casino is much the same as a regular online casino, except for the fact that players can enjoy casino games on their smartphones or tablets. Players can now access online casino games on the go from a range of mobile devices such […]


The world of online gaming moves fast. So fast, that nowadays it can seem like we hardly go a month without some new technology being revealed. If you’re into online gaming, on sites like WSOP, we’ve no doubt that you can’t wait to see what the future has in store. To give you a glimpse […]

How Video Gaming Can Help You in Real Life

Are you always on video game sites like EIP Gaming? Have you been excited for the next big game console to be released? Do you own countless games on your Steam account? Video gaming has become a part of many people’s lives offering them entertainment and a way to socialize. Unlike other forms of entertainment […]

Seven Reasons to Play Online Games on a PC

The debate between console vs. PC gaming is in full force at the moment. Console gamers believe that since the entire machine is dedicated for gaming purposes, it is superior. While PC gamers argue that PCs have greater computing power than the consoles, which makes them the better choice. For me, PCs are clearly the […]