How to Fix a Water Damaged Smartphone

The worst thing that can happen to a smartphone is for it to be submerged in water. Actually, exposing a smartphone to heavy rain or even letting it get exposed to water for an extended period of time can permanently damage it. There are phone cases that can help to protect smartphones from water damage, but they aren’t a foolproof barrier. The good news is that there’s a good chance that you can reverse the damage if you catch the issue and correct it. At smartphone owners can learn about the best way to backup, store, and access their data. Follow along to find out the best methods for fixing a water damaged smartphone. Continue reading

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The Fault in our Smartphones

Smartphones are a fixture of modern life, with tech-savvy consumers ever-eager to get their hands on the very latest devices. Unfortunately, the pressure to squeeze increasingly complex functionality into small packages, the drive to create features that other developers can’t match, and the rush to bring new products to market as quickly as possible means that developers always have to make compromises. Continue reading

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The Skills You Need to Learn When You Get a New iPhone

Image via Flickr by GONZALO BAEZA

As you set up your new iPhone, there are probably a million toys and tricks that you’re trying out. There seems to be an endless number of settings that you can choose from to customize your smartphone experience; however, many of these settings are purely cosmetic. While you’re setting up your iPhone, take note of the following features to try and make your smartphone experience even better. Continue reading

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How to make the most of our mobile phones when travelling


One of the most popular apps for holiday planning is TripAdvisor, it’s the go to place for hotel reviews and the forums are a gold mine for information on destinations and insider tips. You can also book through TripAdvisor, hotels and flights as they show the best deals available for your trip. You can also use it when you arrive at your destinations with offline apps which you can use to find your way around and things to do without sucking up all your data. Continue reading

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