What the Heck is A Gimbal?

Not so long ago, I was with a friend who was a real amateur photographer. He had a video camera and wanted to take action shots of our group playing particular games. We were in China at the time and he had a father in Canada who was a real handyman. Together they thought up a way to mount the video camera and regardless of what the movement was of my friend, the video stayed steady. The end result was pretty good considering gimbals, hand held, were readily available on the market. Continue reading

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Who Owns a Photo?

There are literally billions of photos doing the rounds on the internet. It would be impossible to add them all but if you consider Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat then we are talking a lot! Who owns all these photos? A recent court ruling against a photographer whose camera was snatched by a monkey which took a selfie stated that seeing an animal snapped the photo, there was no legal ownership of the picture by the photographer. Continue reading

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How to Win at the Stock Image Publishing Game

I discussed how your images can earn you some money in a previous post and feel that the topic of stock image publishing should be revisited, this time with more of a focus on getting ahead in what is essentially becoming a very competitive sphere. With thousands of people realising just how easy it can be to upload a few of their pictures and earn some good money through each download on platforms like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Shotshop, etc., it’s becoming a rather competitive market, but there are some basic fundamentals you can effect to make sure your images stand out firstly, but perhaps most importantly, are so-called “money images” — those images which people want to use as stock imagery. Continue reading

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Perfecting Your Art of Photography

So the camera you were given as a gift or simply had the pleasure of using has you suddenly looking at your smartphone camera with a lot more to desire, despite your smartphone camera being a relatively good one. Handling a “real” camera which was manufactured for the specialised use of taking great photos puts things into a bit more perspective, doesn’t it? Suddenly your good smartphone camera is merely a good camera, for a smartphone camera. Continue reading

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Your Photos Can Earn You Money

Between the spontaneous snaps of just how delectable your breakfast looks this morning and the planned pics featuring your dearest subjects enjoying a special occasion, we really do take a lot of pictures, sometimes more than what we know to do with. Sure, you can always just upload everything to your cloud storage account or you can make sure the memories live on in cyberspace, by uploading them to your Instagram, Facebook, etc. Continue reading

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Write for us – Geeky Photography Blog seeking guest contributors NOW!

Thanks for your interest in writing for the 52weeksofgeek Blog!


Each of your guest posts will undoubtedly be rewarded with a lot of exposure to new visitors and also with one dofollow link to your blog.I normally welcome quality guest posts from interested writers, hopefully you can add some of your best work to our blog. Before writing for us, there are a few things you should know.

I don’t accept guest posts with under 600 words.

I can’t accept guest posts which are off topic while keeping the main theme of this blog in mind.

I do not accept guest posts which are duplicated, rewritten or scraped from somewhere else.

Do not add Images, I will add related images.

I am going to accept guest posts on the following areas:

  • Technology news – breaking news and opinion
  • Apple Reports (and App Reviews)
  • Android news and events
  • Software applications
  • Blogging Tips
  • Coding and Development
  • Computers and Home PC’s (Hardware and software)
  • Digital photography
  • Entrepreneur and business

I expect the blog posts to be of the best quality and 100% unique.

So that’s it! It’s all pretty standard stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. If you have any problems, or questions then please contact me either by email to: DJ@52weeksofgeek.com or by using the contact form here.

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