Check Out These Awesome Everyday Items Made With A CNC Router!

You might not think it, but many of the items around you will doubtless have got created with a CNC router! In case you wondered, CNC routers are devices that can precision-cut anything from wood to metal.

The operators of those machines use a computer to tell them what to cut and where. The machine then does the rest! At this point, you might be thinking to yourself that CNC routers don’t really create anything interesting.

Today’s blog post serves as proof that the opposite is, in fact, true! Check out these incredible creations designed and built with the help of a trusty CNC router:


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  1. Artistic Wood Bedside Cabinet


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Bedside cabinets are essential furniture items you will find in almost everyone’s homes. They provide convenient storage next to your bed; perfect for storing your favorite books. And they are also useful places to put your mobile phone, glass of water and bedside lamp too!

But have you ever noticed that most bedside cabinets look similar in appearance? Well, the one pictured above offers a welcome alternative to the norm! If you want to keep your bedtime reading material “safe” you can store it in this cabinet.

With such a high level of detail, it’s likely milling firms like Trade CNC will have created this attractive work of art. It’s by no means something you could easily accomplish in your garage, regardless of your DIY skill level!

  1. Computer Workstation


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The tilt and swivel computer workstation solutions you can buy these days are made from metal and plastic. But what if you’d like a more natural solution? This LCD, keyboard and mouse workstation is made from wood.

It’s an excellent example of how you can create one-off items that are both functional and unique. I imagine the one shown in the photo above was created by a woodworker. Or perhaps someone with a love of using natural rather than man-made materials.

  1. Beer Holder


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Use a tray, and there’s a high chance your beer bottles will fall onto the floor and smash into a million pieces. But use a beer holder made of wood, and they’ll remain safe and sound!

  1. Knife Block


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One thing I can guarantee you will find in any kitchen is a knife block. When cooking meals at home, we need various-sized knives to chop up our ingredients ready for cooking. The sad truth about knife blocks is that they look pretty boring and anonymous.

But you can change that by getting a knife block that has a brilliant design like the one shown in the picture above!

  1. Greyhound


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Yes, it’s even possible to create a dog using a CNC router! Of course, this greyhound was made out of wood. Did you think CNC machines were some kind of magical devices that could create life? Silly you!

I must admit; I’m not a huge fan of things like dog statues and such. But I make an exception for this greyhound. It’s an attractive design and looks different to anything else you could buy that resembled a dog!


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