What Concerns Users About Cloud Computing?

Ever since cloud computing has come to mainstream and is being recognized as complete solution for data storage and backups but there have been some or the other concern related to its reliability.

With cloud server now being used for web hosting services, disaster recovery and data storage there is too much dependency on the cloud and some users are skeptical about how secure and trustworthy a cloud based solution is.


There are all sorts of concerns that many users have but amongst those some are common to all as well as quite logical. A major concern being that of Security as the data is not under the control of the user and is in the hands of the provider. However, this is not something to worry about as the cloud service provider so take appropriate measure to protect client data.

Once in a while there are reports of cloud outage which has affected a big provider like AWS or there are disruptions in the Google services. But there are mostly small technical glitches which are often addressed swiftly by the providers. And at times there are disasters which is something that cannot be prepared for or avoided but there are various steps which can be taken to minimize its impact and get back up quickly.

Despite such issues which are often resolved shortly there are more and more users which are moving to the cloud and many more planning to make the shift. The cloud is truly a must have solution for businesses and to be able to extract maximum benefit out of it you need to be able to find the best suited solution.

In order to find the perfect cloud solution which supports your business you need to assess your business needs first. What is it that you wish to achieve from a cloud solution? What kind of processes do you want to move over to the cloud? Based on these questions you could decide on the kind of solution that your business needs.

Furthermore, you should see to it that the provider you have shortlisted is a reliable one and has quality infrastructure. Having a look at their uptime would give you a good idea about it. With that you should also check what kind of protection is used by the provider. Firewalls, encryptions and backups are also a must have.

There are the basic concerns a user has related to a cloud service and you should carefully determine if a cloud service provider meets these criterion and then subscribe.

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