The CRM & Wearables Relationship

If anyone had any doubts about the potential of wearables, the introduction of the Apple Watch will help to eliminate them, because despite the presumptions that wearables are simply consumer fads that won’t last a lifetime, the wearables market is currently growing at ten times the rate of the mobile market.

Understanding wearable tech is now essential for businesses to ensure they do not become obsolete in their modern marketing methods.

Customer relationship management plays a pivotal role in customer retention and by integrating wearable computing with CRM systems many companies across multiple sectors can have access to a wealth of detailed consumer data that was never before thought possible.


Understanding the Data

Getting to grips with the data that can be collected from wearables is just the tip of the iceberg. Currently data is purely collected from the actions that consumers are willing to give over social media sites, or from call to actions on websites. Google analytics has played a major role in sourcing data, but even this can often be misinterpreted as many of our online actions are done completely subconsciously.

There have been advancements in data mining systems but like the missing piece, wearables are set to give marketers more reliable information regarding consumer habits. Providing businesses the opportunity to gather data about the user’s motives and lifestyle choices so that marketers know how to target them more effectively.

If they shop at certain times, super markets can utilise this data to let them know about offers or special discounts as soon as they step into the store.

Delivering the Service

There have been calls by many that this new technology is going to open us up to a big brother style stalking by established brands. But this technology can actually help the user experience if the consumer requires a better service.

The very basis of customer relationship management is understanding the needs of customers and offering a more bespoke service, so it’s no surprise that wearables can help this initiative by providing data that can enhance a product or service.

Digital marketing and CRM has always worked alongside each other to create more meaningful campaigns that can offer the customer something more personal.

With insights available into what customers really want and what they like, businesses can provide a better service and give them a more satisfying experience.


Improving Business

At present the core focus of wearables has been focused on the benefits that it can provide consumers, but businesses will also be massively affected by this revolutionary technology, as the data they gain will be treated like gold dust.

Not only will they be able to use this information to make improvements on their customer service, but you’ll be able to create bespoke marketing campaigns that make the customer feel as though they’re a valued customer.

Of course along with these new devices security problems will no doubt arise, so many businesses will have to ensure that their data door is not wide open leaving this information vulnerable.

However despite this technology still being in its infancy the future is looking fruitful as consumers and businesses alike embrace it.

Wearables will be a new incentive for better customer relationship management and business must harness this in order to be able to compete in the modern market.


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