Is A Custom PC Right For You?

The desktop PC is dying out. Most homeowners are switching to laptops or tablets for their everyday needs. The bulky monster no longer has a place in the house. Laptops are now powerful enough to take care of most daily tasks. They handle everything from surfing the internet to keeping accounts to storing photos.

However, when it comes your business, a laptop or tablet won’t always cut it. Especially if you’re in the multimedia industry or a web developer. A laptop is also no good if you’re a serious gamer or have a hobby that requires some large computer power. In these cases, more and more people are turning to custom PCs. The custom PC business is thriving because many off-the-shelf models don’t quite provide the power.

A custom PC doesn’t have to mean building your own machine from scratch! It typically means choosing each component specific to your needs. It was once an expensive practice but it is becoming more affordable. In some cases it won’t cost much more than buying the newest model. So who benefits most from a custom PC?

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Photo and Video Editors

Photo and video editors need to store thousands of photos and hours of video footage. With cameras now capturing the highest possible pixel rate, each photo can take up huge storage space. They’ll usually need to install two hard-drives. One should be a solid state drive (SSD) for added space and backups.

Solid state drive are perfect because they are faster and more reliable than normal hard drives. They load up faster which means they use less CPU. This can free up more processing power for software. Processing power is key when using Photoshop and movie editors. You need a lot of power to edit high resolution images quickly and efficiently. They’ll need to make sure they have plenty of RAM too. If they begin to run out of memory space, the software will begin to eat up hard drive space in its place.

Finally, they’ll need a great custom monitor to display the full beauty of the images they have captured. They need to see every detail and the tiny changes they make in post-production.

Music Producers

Music producers require a custom PC for most of the same reasons outlined above. Memory, processing power and backups. However, they will also want to install a custom sound card. Your average PC comes with a sound card but it will not be powerful enough. A music producer will want to translate the highest possible quality of sound. They won’t want to lose any detail from the instruments onto the computer software.


Gamers hate to have their gameplay interrupted by long loading times, glitches and lagging. They need the fastest possible processing power on a dedicated gaming machine. Gamers will also require extremely powerful graphics cards. Displaying every beautiful pixel will put a strain on the average graphics card so a custom model is a must.

Replacing your old desktop with a custom model is a great idea if you have very specific needs. They are perfect if your software uses a lot of processing power or you need the highest possible quality output. If you think you could benefit from a custom PC, speak to a specialist and you can begin tailoring your perfect machine.

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