Dissecting the Prevalence of Poker Portals – Mobile Applications as the New Big Thing in Poker

When man needed a tool to communicate, he created the telephone. When man needed a pastime, he created poker. But when man needed poker on-the-go, he created online poker. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

As the smartphone era continues to bring an influx of mobile phones, we all expect a rise in the number of mobile applications as well. These tiny intangible apps are now the new “big thing” in the mobile casino industry. With busy work schedules and unpredictable appointments, an application built for travelling poker enthusiasts is just the perfect fit.

In today’s gaming scene, portability can offer a chance for on-the-go gamers whose only free time is limited to long commutes and short-spanned lunch breaks. The great thing about today’s technology is that the gadget trend, in some way, adapt to our needs in the same way we adapt to new gadgets and devices.

But of course, app development, even with simple games such as poker, is not as easy as it looks. Often times, it takes years and millions of money to create a sustainable one. So why is there so much poker portals when casinos are still alive and booming? The answer is simple: adaptability. Tech giants and developers are simply adapting strategies on how to keep the market alive.

In a report by Poker Players Research, it was found out that more than 15 million people in total play poker online for real money. Despite the stakes, these online players prefer virtual portals. “88% of online money players play for stakes that mean they usually win or lose less than $100 a day,” the website added.

Of these millions of people, some of them play poker several hours a day. According to an interview by Betfair Poker, poker teacher Nathan Williams of Vancouver Canada, is a prime example of the strong influence of online gaming. “He’s played more than 6 million hands of online poker, with full ring NL2 and NL5 his most frequently played game and stakes,” according to the website. This poker teacher has now published several books and made several strategies on microstakes poker.

Williams, isn’t an isolated case. Today, there are millions of people who enjoy playing the game. Whether you consider yourself a pro or you simply enjoy playing cards, the mobile industry took poker to a new and more accessible level. With several card enthusiasts absorbed to online poker, it’s not really a surprise to find an increase in the number of mobile poker games. Mobile applications aren’t entirely built for portability. You see, online poker games are actually easier to sustain than land-based casinos.

“Online gambling has tremendous cost advantages due to electronic instead of brick and mortar operation and, even more important, its operators do not have to pay (high) taxes and license fees,”a study published by Academia said.

With poker slowly attaining a status as the world’s quintessential mind sport, and add to the fact that we live in the age of smartphones, expect more poker applications in years to come.

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