Never Feel Guilty about Having Fun with Your Gadgets

There’s quite a scathing meme doing the rounds which basically attacks the thought-process of consumers who show some brand loyalty towards Apple, suggesting that they’re willing to camp out in the cold to be the first to get their hands on a new product while pretty much the same features which come with that product can be found in much cheaper products released by other manufacturers. The meme goes: “How do you milk sheep? Answer, release a new iPhone!”

I will reserve my own comments as far as that goes however, mostly because the point I’m trying to drive home is a little bit of a different one. For what it’s worth, iPhone users could argue that their device packs the power of what you’d have to search for in many different devices, while a counter-argument could be that purchasing an iPhone in a sense limits you through what the manufacturers sell as exclusivity, but either way, my point is that you should never feel guilty about enjoying your device. You should never feel guilty about truly having some fun with any of your gadgets, but your mobile phone in particular is a bag of fun waiting to be opened up with a different surprise, over and over again.

There’s a lot of talk about buying expensive phones only to effectively have them go to complete waste with time-waster apps and the likes, but I reckon if you have something like the Old Face app installed – Old Face iTunes app for iPhone users and Old Face Android app for Android phone users – you are indeed making the most of what your device has to offer. I mean when you bought it one of the many features you wanted out of it was to enjoy a bit of entertainment, wasn’t it, so such apps aren’t a waste of space or a waste of time? Download and have some fun and don’t ever feel guilty about it!

While you’re at it you can also extend the fun with the Fat Face iTunes app and the Fat Face Android app, both of which are developed by the same developer for the Old Face app — Apptly. I’m pretty sure you can guess from their rather astute names what these particular apps do, but the outcome itself is something worth checking out yourself.

I’m also pretty sure you can think of about a million other fun things to enjoy with your smarphone along with a range of other gadgets you can use independently or alongside your mobile, but the point is that you should definitely enjoy it. That’s a major reason for your purchasing of it in the first place, but with some people guilt inevitably creeps in and if it does happen to creep in then you can kill two birds with one stone and take the time to perhaps write and publish reviews about apps you use and about what you get up to with your gadgets.

That way then it won’t feel like a guilty waste of time, if that inclination does indeed develop inside of you in the first place.

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