Fingerprint Scanner: Motorola Thought of it First

After Apple’s launch event of 5S, some mobile manufacturers took to Twitter to poke fun at the tech giant’s new launch. Some of these mobile vendors live in glass houses. One of them was Nokia mocking Apple’s colorful smartphone shutting eyes on its own Lumia series. Most importantly, it was Motorola poking fun at the new iPhone’s fingerprint scanner forgetting that in 2011 it had launched its very own smartphone with a fingerprint scanner on the rear.

Motorola’s Tweet

Motorola, now owned by Google, posted a tweet after Apple’s launch saying ‘Remember that one time you were stoked to give your fingerprints? Us either’. The mobile manufacturer couldn’t break at this. While marketing Moto X in an electronic advertisement, Motorola claims that its new smartphone is a quick fix to the damage the ‘lazy phone’ has done.

It is hard to swallow that a company which had seen a loss of $300 in the last four months alone is picking at a tech titan.

Motorola might have addressed security issues in its tweet

Motorola’s tweet might have slightly touched the security issues that have been swarming the tech world. Moto might have fueled the fears that with it might be creating a database of fingerprints that can be later misused to break into users’ iPhones. But the tweet is not going to worry many as Apple has highlighted the fact time and again that fingerprints that the Touch ID uses will not be uploaded to a remote server. The data will remain in the phone all safe and secure until the device is unlocked.

What Motorola failed to notice?

Motorola launched its flagship phone, the Atrix in 2011 with the same kind of technology that Apple is offering in its iPhone 5s. With a fingerprint scanner at the back, Atrix offered its users a fingerprint reader in a button at the back which was also used to wake the phone from its slumber. The smartphone is still being sold by the company.

Motorola’s Twitter followers have made it a point to remind the company of its own smartphone that had used a fingerprint scanner long before Apple had even though of it.

Moto Atrix 4G’s Fingerprint scanner

Motorola’s fingerprint scanner in its 2011 phone, Atrix 4G was fairly novel but the technology was met with mixed reviews. The reader worked same as in the iPhone 5s but the former was thought to be a little frustrating by general consensus. Moto had marketed it as a security-enhancing hardware and users found it as it was advertised.

The technology was slow to respond to touch and takes a while for you to access the phone. Tech experts found this vexing and branded it as a troublesome feature unless a user has OCD about security worried about Motorola tracking software intruding their smartphones.

Atrix was not able to make ripples in the tech world. In comparison, Apple fans rejoiced as Apple introduces iPhone 5’s iterations in the market. It is hard to say if the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5s will become a must-have for gadget freaks after Atrix managed luke-warm response but the hype Apple had created before the launch is definitely a red signal for Motorola.

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