How to Fix a Water Damaged Smartphone

The worst thing that can happen to a smartphone is for it to be submerged in water. Actually, exposing a smartphone to heavy rain or even letting it get exposed to water for an extended period of time can permanently damage it. There are phone cases that can help to protect smartphones from water damage, but they aren’t a foolproof barrier. The good news is that there’s a good chance that you can reverse the damage if you catch the issue and correct it. At smartphone owners can learn about the best way to backup, store, and access their data. Follow along to find out the best methods for fixing a water damaged smartphone.

Accessing the Damage

In a best-case scenario, you would immediately notice that your smartphone came in contact with water and you would immediately take defensive action. Sometimes smartphone owners may not notice that their devices have been compromised until long after the damage is done which means they will need to look for a professional who specializes in mobile iphone repair to have it fixed. If you catch it immediately after it has happened though, you should first work to dry out the outside of the phone and shake it to see if any excess water comes from the inside. You can wrap your phone in towels to help wick away interior moisture as well.

Drying the Inside of Your Smartphone

If your smartphone has gotten really drenched, you want to try to avoid damage to its internal components. If your phone was on at the time it got wet, turn it off. Do not charge your phone or plug in headphones or any other accessory. Sometimes placing a wet smartphone in a ziploc bag filled with rice can help to further draw out moisture, but silica packs actually work even better. Don’t try to speed up the process by using a hairdryer or using any other heating implement to dry out the inside of your phone. You can use a fan to help dry everything out if you are certain that only the outside of your phone became wet.

Testing Your Smartphone for Damage

The only safe way that you can test your smartphone for water damage is to turn it on again and see if it works. First and foremost, you need to give your smartphone sufficient time to dry out thoroughly. Waiting anywhere from three days to a week should give your phone ample opportunity to dry from the inside out. Simply press on the power button and wait to see what happens. If your smartphone powers on, you can test it further for damage by clicking on the smartphone screen and pressing the volume buttons. If your smartphone works normally, you are in the clear – at least for now. In the event that your smartphone doesn’t turn on, you will need to take it to a smartphone repair shop.

If any water gets inside of your smartphone it might need an expensive repair or it can even be ruined. Remember that smartphones can be replaced but the personal data they hold is invaluable. Backup your photos, contacts, text messages, and other documentation on your phone regularly in case it gets exposed to water.

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