Four Ways to Promote Your Blog Offline in 2019

When it comes to spreading the word about your business, the majority of your efforts are going to be directed at online marketing. It’s just the way the world works these days. And, let’s face it, promoting yourself online is way easier than getting out there and putting boots on the ground, right? We get it. But! If you want to stand out this year and make sure your business gets noticed, you might want to do things a little differently than everyone else; namely, taking your business offline. We’ve put together a list of four ways you can promote your blog offline in 2019 so that you can make a lasting impression that helps people find you online later.

Coworking Spaces

We often think of the internet as the ultimate coworking space: there are billions of people on the internet with access to your blog and business, but it’s often difficult to reach them. The truth is that your blog is probably just more noise in an already overcrowded internet realm. So, rather than try to fight for attention in an oversaturated market place, take to the streets and tell people about your blog in real life. Find and work at a coworking space on a regular basis and tell everyone who works there about your blog – whether it’s your full-time job or not. This kind of in-person education about your blog means that people will think of you and remember what you do, more so than if you are just another blog post reminder on Instagram.


If you are looking for a new and interesting way to promote your blog in a way that’s not that new at all, consider sponsoring an event or sport through your blog. You might offer up funding or in-kind donations for the event in order to get your name on a jersey, ticket, or website. This means that you provide help in the form of work or services and others will learn about your blog. Plus, it also means that you don’t have to do a lot of marketing to get that kind of exposure, which is why so many businesses opt to sponsor events in the first place. It’s an easy and fun way to get your blog noticed without having to fight for attention online.

Host Your Own Event

If you are looking to get the word out about your blog and don’t want to sponsor someone else’s event, consider hosting your own event to grab the attention of your intended audience. If you run a travel blog, for example, you might host a workshop about traveling light or how to travel on a budget and sell tickets. Not only can you make some cash, but your blog will get some notoriety and you’ll be gaining the trust of people in your immediate area – which is something many bloggers overlook because the internet promises riches and great reach. In order to host an event and cut short on the expenses, you can rely on event management platforms like Goldcast and schedule events with their assistance. You can then send in invites asking people to join the event online.

Write a Book

If you’ve got any skin in the game in your blog, you can probably piece together a decent e-book to promote to your audience. If you are feeling really ambitious, you might put together a workbook or print book that you can sell and promote. The idea behind products like books and e-books is that they create an outlet for you to funnel people to your blog. If you already have a good following that trusts your work, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll make some money from your book writing and that’s always a good thing.

Running a business in today’s world is difficult. The opportunities are there, but it’s difficult to stand out against millions of other people who are looking to do the same thing you are. Stick to the areas of blogging that serve you, as well as your audience, and always be on the lookout for ways to grow your blog following offline. It’s overlooked and underutilized by many bloggers who spend all day looking at a computer screen. If you want to stand out, do something different. If you want to make people remember you, tell them about your blog. Talk about what you love and how you can help. And get your name out there by doing things that others in the space aren’t doing: take your blog offline and promote it in the real world.

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