The Future of Automation for Private Use

Image by Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

One of these days, it is bound to happen. There is no denying that the power of machines can and will take over most of what people do. Not only do they make our lives easier, but everything is maintained through routine and automation. With the advent of new technologies, this is all made possible for the sake of one purpose, convenience. There is no doubt that all this technology can benefit people’s lives in many areas, such as their personal lives and even work. The possibilities are only limited to one’s imagination. Recently, interviews were conducted with three different people regarding these areas. What they said were incredibly amazing and very real.


The Interviews with 3 People in the Automation Industry

The first, and probably most interesting, was an interview with Joe Dada. Joe is the CEO of a company called “Insteon” and is responsible for creating automation technologies for homes. Imagine an environment such as home on a bright Sunday afternoon. You are having a barbecue but you are just too lazy to move around. Imagine that there are machines that will do everything for you such as lighting your barbeque, getting your cold drink ready, sending messages to your neighbours inviting them over and all you have to do is sit lazily on your outdoor sunbathing chair waiting for all that to happen. Alternately, once you’re back from work and with the punch of a button on your mobile phone, everything turns on instantly; your lights switch on, curtains open, the radio turns on and possibilities are endless. The interview with Joe Dada provided viewers with a lot information regarding his company’s technology. He mentioned that everything is connected through a peer-to-peer network and all of that is a very simple technology. A mesh network is used where one device gets an instruction and passes it on to the next device.

Next was an interview with Rob Shaddock. Shaddock is the V.P. and C.T.O. of a company called “TE Connectivity”. One of their most recent products is called the Smart Factory. This new technology enables factories to create peripherals and machines which are smarter than those used currently, as they can use the data that they provide to make any necessary improvements and further analysis. According to the interview with Rob Shaddock, their rotating machines without wires were their major breakthrough, or what Shaddock had mentioned “contactless connectivity”. This greatly increases efficiency and certainly reduces maintenance levels for any automated factories.


Lastly, an interview with Jim Pursley was done. Pursley is the General Manager for a company called Factory Automation systems. His company aims for the improvement of various mechanical and automated processes. Even new processes are creatable and utilised for future purposes. Further in the interview with Jim Pursley, he mentions that his company’s products have the abilities to find data and turn it into vital information that is valuable to a customer. In addition, tools and tool shortage are provided and retrieving the information that is needed is also made possible. The information that is retrieved later on can be used to revise data or used to make any necessary improvements to the system.

Final Words

Without these fascinating technologies, we would only be wasting time. The implementation of these machines in our private and professional lives really makes a significant difference in how we can manage our productivity. We should not overlook the possibilities of what these machines have to offer. The technologies aforementioned have been in use for some time and have shown great results over the years. It is time we put our faith in technology to allow it to make us more productive and help reduce our daily duties.

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