The Best Gadgets of 2015

We all want to have the biggest and best gadget that’s available on the market and from hover boards to smartwatches, 2015 has been a year of big gadget developments. Whether we want our gadgets to add a little bit of fun to our everyday lives or to make each day that little bit easier, us Brits can’t get enough of the technological devices that are all over the high street.

Apple iWatch

The gadget that’s designed to keep us switched on throughout the day, the Apple iWatch is the wearable tech gadget on everyone’s wish lists. With a sleek design and look the iWatch is the stylish designed option to make your life easier.

Checking your smartphone every couple of minutes for emails and messages is a thing of the past, as the Apple iWatch connects to your smartphone to retrieve notifications. Operating as a mini smartphone the iWatch can display boarding passes, reply to emails and use maps.


Swegways are the ultimate device for the gadget lover who’s a little bit lazy. No effort is required if you want to go to the kitchen and pick up a drink, simply hop on your swegway and you’re off. Swegways are built around pressure pads which allow the user to dictate the direction they travel in by tilting forwards, backwards or on either leg in order to turn.

Available in a wide range of colours and designs, some swegways even have built in speakers. You can also reach speeds of up to 16mph, with a full 2 hour charge taking you as far as 12 miles. Plus, even celebrities have been spotted on this coveted gadget with Jason Derulo making an appearance on one at the MTV EMA’s!

Fitness Trackers

If you love your fitness then a fitness tracker will help you to set goals and track your progress. Gym enthusiasts will be able to monitor their progress, along with nutritional tips, and keep motivated with this wearable tech device.

Working in a similar way to the iWatch, fitness trackers can be connected to smartphones, tablets or laptops through apps which then display results. Wearers can track calories burned, heart and pulse rate and even sleep quality. Fitness trackers are designed to keep us fit and healthy with a gadget that keeps us on our fitness toes.

Track lost Items

If you’re one of those people who always seems to be losing things then you’ll be relieved to know that someone has invented a device to ensure you can always find what you’re looking for.

Simply attach the small TrackR StickR device to your keys, purse or smartphone and use the app on a smart device to locate it. Just make sure that if you’ve misplaced your phone you have the app installed on another device to track it.


Up your camera game and attach it to a drone and let it fly around in the air to capture incredible aerial footage. The futuristic device is used by everyone from professional film makers to those wishing to snap special memories making this a must have device for image lovers.

Operated via a remote control or even a smartphone drone photography allows you to capture shots you may not be able to reach otherwise.  Make sure you check the law first though as there are some restriction as to where drones can be flown.

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