Geek alert: 10 tallest buildings outside London

Buildings are getting taller all the time, so to speak. It’s been a long time since the BT Tower (then Post Office Tower) was the tallest structure in London; these days it’s all about The Shard, with The Trellis (still under construction) hot on its heels, both towering a dizzying 309 m (1014 ft) above terra firma.

If you’re interested in skyscrapers and superlatives, you may know that the UK’s 10 tallest buildings can all be found in London. But what about the rest of the country? Here are 10 giants you may not have come across.

  1. Salisbury Cathedral is the tallest place of worship in the UK. Pointing 123 m (404 ft) heavenwards, its tower and spire was completed in 1320.
  1. Cementing its reputation as Britain’s first seaside resort, Blackpool has the highest rollercoaster – its Pepsi Max Big One goes up to 65 m (213 ft).
  1. Our tallest castle can be found among the medieval splendor of Warwick Castle. Built by William the Conqueror in 1068, it stands at 39 m (128 ft) tall.
  1. Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire has the tallest chimney in the UK, towering 259 m (850 ft) above the countryside.
  1. Not a million miles away, at 164 m (538 ft) and spanning the Humber estuary, the Humber Bridge is the tallest bridge in the land.
  1. Nicknamed The Dalek, Bridgewater Place is the tallest building in Yorkshire with a height of 110 m (367 ft). The Leeds high rise has attracted recent attention for the allegedly dangerous wind-tunnel effects of its controversial design.
  1. Brighton’s British Airways i360, due to be completed in 2016, will reach an overall height of 162 m (532 ft) to provide stunning views over Britain’s South Coast and beyond.
  1. Completed in 2006, at 169 m (554 ft) Beetham Tower is the UK’s tallest residential building and the second tallest building outside London. Also known as Hilton Tower, the Manchester landmark is houses luxury apartments in addition to the hotel.
  1. Glasgow Tower, part of the Glasgow Science Centre, was completed in 2001. Soaring high above the River Clyde at 127 m (417 ft) high, not only is it the tallest free standing structure in Scotland, it holds the Guinness Book World of Records for being the tallest tower in the world that can rotate 360 degrees!
  1. The accolade of tallest building outside London goes to the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth’s premier visitor attraction and viewing platform, which stands proud at 170 m (558 ft) tall, like a full sail.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the property industry – working together with a selection of companies including high access and property experts MC Property Maintenance, who were consulted over this piece.

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