Geek Culture: Bringing Tech and Analysis To Financial Decisions

Many people might assume that geek culture is all about toys and entertainment. But this is hardly the case! In fact, a lot of geeks will bring tech and heavy analysis to the realm of serious financial decisions. Just because you primarily associate with geek culture doesn’t mean that you can’t associate with the more serious side of technology as well.

A few of the tech things that members of the culture can do include working with amortization financial tools, getting a firm understanding the interest rates as it refers to credit cards and such, high-quality tools to watch the stock market with, and the ever-present intrigue of the current bitcoin gamble.

Amortization Financial Tools

For the high tech folks that are getting into home buying, there is plenty of reason to use amortization financial tools to predict some of the future of your economic status. You often think of people in business suits shaking hands and making deals when it comes to real estate, property, and home mortgages, but every homeowner has to go through that process at some point – and having good tech-savvy tools at your disposal will give you that much more of a chance of success to get the terms of loans and mortgages they want.

Understanding Interest Rates

It takes some work to get a firm understanding of interest rates, especially as it deals with credit cards or loan repayments. That’s why geek culture can often find good ways to describe how these interest rates work, especially when you get around the ideas of compounding interest over time. You don’t have to be a math wizard or programmer to understand how these rates will affect your money over time, but it certainly helps to have someone who understands the calculations work with you to make good decisions about amounts and time frames.

Watching the Stock Market

Tech employees especially pay close attention to the stock market. There are lots of apps you can install for stock market information, or you can just check out daily news updates. A lot of brilliant people have created applications that are based on formulas for buying and selling stocks to make short-term gains that will definitely add up in the end.

The Bitcoin Gamble

You hear a lot about Bitcoin these days and you’ll often hear of people using bots like the news spy to invest their resources. There’s been a huge spike in interest for cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin is leading the pack. A lot of the people that are putting information out about these topics are heavily involved in the geek culture because cryptocurrency was started by programmers who had a vision for the future of financial transactions. There is a tremendous amount of interest right now because the apparent value of cryptocurrency is skyrocketing as more people understand how it’s made and what it’s for.

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