Geek Out Your Phone With These Ideas and Accessories

Have you got a smartphone? Of course, you do. Everyone does and they are wonderful little gadgets that fit right into your pocket. Are they a bit dull though? Take the iPhone for instance. It is a wonderful machine and very stylish but most people have them and they all look the same. Even though you can get them in slightly different colours, now it is still a little boring having the same thing as everyone else. Well, all that is about to change. We have come up with some fantastic ideas of how to improve your smartphone, inside and out.


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A Cool Cover

We are not just talking about different colours. You can now buy a wide variety of different cases to match all types of personality. Disney obsessed? Your phone can easily look like your favourite Disney character. Pokemon fanatic? How about making your phone look like a little Pikachu. If you want something more classy, you could always get a solid brass phone case. Yes, it is expensive but it will definitely make your smartphone look unique.

Or, if you are like me and completely accident prone, you could buy an ultra hard case. You can buy cases now that will protect your phone even if you drop it in ten metres of water. Why do you have your phone near ten metres of water? We are not sure but it could be useful for those diving trips.

A Selfie Stick

Here is something rather ridiculous and fantastic. A selfie stick. These gadgets are brilliant if you are trying to take a picture of something with you perfectly in the frame. For instance, to remember that business meeting for life. Or, more likely, ensuring you get Taylor Swift and yourself in the same photo when you go see her in concert next month. Check out a Selfie Stick review online before you buy one and we are sure you will not be disappointed.


For the journalist inside us all. Or, just for actual journalists. You would be surprised but journalists are no longer using high-tech equipment for interviews. They are recording them on their phone and using a smart programme to send it to their laptop. You can buy a microphone that connects to your phone for those interviews outside. If you are journalist, a microphone might be a good idea regardless. Trust us, it is rather hard convincing someone you are a journalist when you are recording them with your phone.

A Phone Case Wallet

Lost your phone or your wallet? It sure would be easier if they were the same thing. Well, now they can be with the new phone case wallet. You can store your cards and cash with your phone and have easy access to everything. Actually, with new apps you do not even need your cards anymore. You can pay for everything on your phone, anywhere, anytime.

That is all the ideas we could think of. Unless you want to use your phone as a toy gun? It would certainly make those days in the office more fun. Remember, if you are hoping your phone has the capacity to do something. There is probably a clever designer working on it right now.


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