Geeks On Vacation: Trips For The Tech-Minded

Even if you are the type of geek that spends most of the time with your nose in a book or glued to your computer screen you may still want to take a vacation now and then. In your head, you may have plans to visit island countries like Iceland and rent a campervan with the help of providers like and explore those serene locations and spend your break peacefully. Such thoughts and plans could help refresh the mind and clear the clouds from your eyes. Plus, there are plenty of tech-minded things you can do on a vacation, and fun things for geeks of all kinds.

While you might want to whisk yourself away to some tropical islands, or maybe go tour some ancient castles in the UK, there are also some more nerdy ways to spend your vacation. Here are some ideas that will have any geek ready to leave the lab and get some vacation time in.

Go To A Museum

What’s nerdier than going to a museum? There are all different kinds of them to visit and they all offer different things. A science museum may have hands on things for the science minded people. An art gallery will offer a lot of pondering and contemplating.

Try going on a museum tour in your state. Take some time to find out what special exhibits they have so that you ensure you can enjoy every aspect of your visit, from digging for dinosaur bones to creating your own DNA model.

Check Out A Conference

Whether you’re a science nerd, a geek in love with superhero movies or scary movies, or you like science fiction or fairies and comic books, there is a “con” out there for you. Visiting these sorts of conferences allow fans of all sorts of books, movies, shows, and more dress up and have fun and even meet their favorite artists and celebrities.

If this is something you want to do you should plan ahead since these conferences can be pretty popular and you may find tickets are sold out or that you can find a hotel room anywhere in the vicinity within a couple months prior.

Visit A Manufacturer/Factory

From candy bars to baking mixes, there are factory tours all over the place. You can visit the Nestle plant and take home some chocolate. This is fun for geeks of all ages, and it lets you walk away with a little more knowledge.

If food factories are a little too “young” for your taste, you can go on a brewery tour or even a winery tour and spend some time taste testing the goods. Although it would be wise to take a designated driver with you on these types of adventures.

Try A Virtual Tour

Still not ready to leave the house and the comfort of your computer lab? You can still take a vacation and go on an online virtual tour. You can tour museums and more. Maybe even spend some time viewing the countrysides of Ireland, right from the comfort of your computer chair.

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