The Best Geeky Gadgets To Buy This Holiday Season

Admit it, everyone you know including yourself has an inner geek just dying to come out. What better time of the year to bring your techie side out of its shell than during the holidays? There are so many little geeky gadgets you can choose from, the task can admittedly be overwhelming. Never fear. After reading this article you are going to have a much better grasp on some of the best techie toys around, sure to be a hit with anyone on your gift list.

For gamers you have so many different options available it’s hard to go wrong. One of the best is the Mad Catz MOJO micro-console. This micro-console takes all of your games, music, and movies from your Android device and puts them right on your TV screen. The M.O.J.O. comes with a wireless gamepad that you use to mobilize your gameplay. It is Bluetooth smart and has media buttons and a mouse mode as well. There is also a travel clip so you can attach your phone and game anywhere you might be.

A portable television set might not sound all that exciting, or geeky for that matter. However, when the portability comes from the fact that it is actually a pair of virtual television glasses, the whole concept changes. Star Trek fans will especially appreciate them as they tend to give you a look resembling that of Geordi La Forge. Brookstone sells a pair that offers a 50-inch virtual screen and connects to your iPod or iPhone with an adapter. This lets you enjoy your movies on a clear and impressive big screen.

For the Star Wars fan on your list, they might appreciate a gadget that helps them train their own personal force. Check out the Star Wars Force Trainer device. You use your brainwaves to control a ball inside of a tube. The strength of your brainwaves controls the air in the tube, which determines how high the ball will be lifted. What Jedi in training wouldn’t love something like that?

A boring old wristwatch probably will not impress any techies on your list. Go one step further and get them a ZYPAD WL 11XX. This device essentially allows them to wear a Linux or Windows CE computer on their wrist. Very ergonomic and comfortable, it is shaped to the body and weighs only 290 grams. With a gift like this, that bulky laptop can be left at home.

If someone on your geeky gift list sits behind a desk all day, take a look at the Stir Kinetic Wi-Fi Smart Desk. Granted, it is a bit pricey but well worth the money. This desk is driven by software that adapts to their own personal work style. It moves with them throughout the day, gently moving the desk up and down inches at a time as a reminder to change position. Very high tech, very geeky, quite a special gadget for anyone to own.

Sure, it is rough to come up with just the right gift for those on your holiday gift list. There are, however, many different gifts out there that will make the techie geeks on your list smile. If you’re not careful, you may even find some you want to keep for yourself.

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