Handy travel apps for your trip to Bali

You are planning a trip to travel to a far-away island in the far-away exotic Indonesian Archipelago. Good for you! Bali is amazing! A unique culture, sleepy villages, buzzling beach towns, private pool villas at prices you won’t believe – it is a paradise, indeed! Prepare yourself well by downloading some handy travel apps to get the most out of your trip to Bali.

However, if your phone is nearly full of apps, you can explore different travel needs by visiting websites. For example, if you have decided to travel somewhere like the UK, France, or anywhere else, through a private jet, you can visit websites like jettly.com to learn about private jet rental costs, different types of jets that you can charter, and so on. So you won’t have to load up your phone with a bunch of apps just for the trip.

But for now we are just showcasing the travel apps that you may have on your phone:

1) Skyscanner

Skyscanner is the best website there is to find flight tickets. If your travel dates are flexible, this website will track down the cheapest tickets, providing you with one handy overview of all the different airlines and their ticket prices. You are presented with an overview of the month or even the whole year. With this app installed on your smartphone, you can be sure to catch the cheapest flight to ‘the island of the Gods’. For those who need to do a visa run, the app is also super handy! You can select a flight from Bali’s international airport to ‘everywhere’ and see what destinations pop up. You may fly over to nearby Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Australia.

2) Google translate

The Indonesian language ‘Bahasa Indonesia’ is not nearly close to the English language. In the most touristy places on the island, you can easily get around with English, but as soon as you move away from here, Google Translate may be your savior. Quick, easy and super handy. It may not translate everything correctly, but it’ll make daily chats a whole lot easier! It is also nice to be able to say simple things like good morning ‘selamat pagi’ or thank you ‘terima kasih’. Google Translate will help you to learn and remember these words, start learning a few of these basics in the plane – you can use this app offline, too. Awesome!

3) Go-Jek

Go-jek is one of the best finds this century and this super handy app is a must-have for your trip to Bali. Go-jek was invented in Indonesia, and you can use the app for almost anything. Craving for a certain type of food but don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your Bali villa? Go-food! Feel like having a massage without having to go to a spa? Go-massage! Forgot to buy mosquito repellent or anything else from the convenience store? Go-shop! Need to travel quickly from A to B on the back of a motorbike? Go-jek! Prefer to travel by car? Go-Car! This app has everything you, need and for expats living in Bali, the list of handy services continues. Read more about Go-Jek here.

4) Google Maps

No matter where you are finding yourself on the face of planet earth, Google Maps is a good friend to have by your side. This holiday to Bali, you might need it when walking around in Seminyak town, trying to find the way home to your villa or when cruising around the island on a motorbike and finding yourself lost in between mountains and rice fields. You can’t be without Google Maps! Make sure to download offline maps of Bali so that even when there is no wifi around, you will find your way. Google Maps also shows you the nearest places of interest such as restaurants, spas, ATMs, whatever! A must-have!

5) XE Currency

The local currency in Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah. This foreign, exotic currency comes with a whole lot of zeros. USD $1 is approximately 14,000 (yes, fourteen thousand) rupiah and a USD $100 cash results in tons of money billets that add up to over a million. The number of zeros can be quite confusing and a bit dazzling, especially when finding yourself bargaining for some souvenirs at a market in Bali. Solution? Download the XE Currency App and don’t hesitate to use it!


Written by Stephanie of Villa-Finder.com.

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